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You can apply to any company any time for changes! The question is - will you be approved? It's NOT relevant whether you see the surgeon first or not. You have symptoms that you know are a problem. Read over the application carefully... most companies even have a "catch all" question that asks if there are any problems they didn't ask about. They also often ask if there is any future treatment recommended.

What is your condition?

For more details see http://www.steveshorr.com/technical_questions.htm#What%20is%20a%20Pre-Existing%20Condition

I've already got coverage and I don't want to switch companies. Just wondering about lowering the deductible.

The questionairre I filled out and the phone interview asked the questions that you mentioned. As I said, I disclosed the condition (perianal fistula) and was granted coverage without any exemption on this condition. I wasn't actually suffering from the condition at the time of application. Have not had a problem with it since 1999 in fact. Have had this coverage since 2003. Surgery was recommended if there were future flare- ups, but it wasn't known if there would be flare-ups or not, as a matter of fact, this appears to be totally unrelated to the first one (differrent location). I had insurance at the time of the 1st problem, but with a different company. I had no lapse in coverage, I switched directly from one company to the other.

I re-read your reply and finally a light went on. What you're saying is I'll basically have to re-apply to lower the deductible and then disclose the condition I have NOW, even thought it's technically not been diagnosed this time.

Can they consider it pre-existing and not cover it at all (at the current deductible) since I disclosed it on the first application and they didn't exclude it?

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