Can you make Excel 2007 look like the old Excel?

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There are some downloadable tools on the web which recreate the old or 'classic' Excel toolbar in Excel 2007. One such example you might want to take a look at can be found at

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How do you make a bar graph on Microsoft Excel 2007?

Put data in two columns (x,y). Select the data including headers click on the chart button from the menu. During its further customization you can select the bar chart option to plot the graph as a bar chart.

Does Microsoft have a 2007 Excel certification?

Yes, it is called the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) credential validates skills in using the 2007 Microsoft Office system and the Windows Vista operating system, meeting the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the lat ( Full Answer )

How do you make a climate graph on Microsoft Excel 2007?

Try the first link below, which shows you how to combine chart types to make new chart types. Alternatively you can use a ready made graph such as the ones at the second link below which you can include on your website.

How many cells in Excel 2007?

Excel 2007 has 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns, so you it has a total of 17,179,869,184 cells.

What is Excel for?

MS Excel is a spreadsheet software provided by Microsoft. It can be use for numerous purposes. Like reporting, mainting small inventory.. Also, it is very user friendly in calculation.

How do you get a running total on Excel 2007?

One way of doing it is to use absolute referencing. As an example, try this: Put values in all the cells from A1 to A10. Then go into B1 and type the following formula: =SUM(A$1:A1) Copy the formula down through the cells to B10 and you will have a list of running totals in column B..

What does a new worksheet icon looks like in Excel?

There is a specific icon for a new workbook, which is a whole new file, but not a worksheet. To add a worksheet to the existing workbook, go to the Insert menu and choose Worksheet.

How Excel 2007 Converted to Excel 2003?

You can open a 2007 Excel spreadsheet with Excel 2003 if you save the file in Excel 2007 using "Save As" and select the 2003 compatibility mode.

How does an Excel window look like?

See the link below for a view of an Excel 2007 window. Other versions of Excel can look slightly different, but are fundamentally the same as they are spreadsheets.

How many sheets in Excel 2007?

As many as you want. It starts with 3, but can go up to howevermany sheets you need. The limit is down to the memory of yourcomputer.

Where can the charts be found in excel 2007?

Click on the Insert tab on the ribbon menu. You will see several chart options listed (Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter, Other Charts). If you need more chart options, just click on the little arrow in the bottom right corner of the Charts section.

How can you make a graph in Excel 2007 fill a whole sheet?

Sure. Just click on the graph, then click and drag on one of the edge handles (either a small box in each corner, or a double-headed arrow when you hover over one of the graph border lines). Repeat, as needed, to position the graph where you like.

What is a date format in excel 2007?

It is the way you would like the date displayed when you view it. Here are some options: 01/12/2010 Decenber 13, 2009 1-Mar-54

Who is the owner of Microsoft Excel 2007?

Microsoft Corporation. When you purchase a copy of most software programs, you are purchasing only a license to use that program. You do not receive any ownership rights to the product; only the rights to use it as defined in the user or license agreement.

What is a Workbook in Excel 2007?

A workbook in Excel is a collection of worksheets. You can tell if you have more than one worksheet in the workbook if you see multiple tabs at the bottom of the screen. The default setting of Excel 2007 includes three worksheets in the workbook, labeled Sheet 1 , Sheet 2 , and Sheet 3 .

What is a cell in Excel 2007?

It is a single block in the grid on the Excel screen, formed by the intersection of a column and row.

How do you make scatter-graphs using Excel 2007?

Use a scatter plot graph to represent the correlation between two different variables. Here are some steps to make a basic scatter plot graph. . Get your data into an Excel spreadsheet (type, copy, link, etc.). . Highlight the data you want to display on the graph. . Select the Insert tab fro ( Full Answer )

What typeface is used in Excel 2007?

You can use all typefaces available in your computer. See related links for the typefaces that come with Office 2007 (and available to Excel 2007).

What are the ribbon commands in Excel 2007?

Most Excel 2007 commands are on the menu ribbon; far too many to list here. See related links for how the Excel 2007 ribbon compares to Excel 2003 commands. The ribbon at the top of Excel 2007 and higher is a list of menu options.

What can you import from Microsoft Excel 2007?

It depends on where you are exporting to if you are tyring to import from Excel. Generally, you can import Excel data to many applications, but the target application will determine what will transfer from Excel and how the data will disply in the target application.

What is total capacity for 2007 Excel?

This question is not clear. Please ask this question again with more specific information. Do you want to know number of cells, number of rows, number of worksheets, how large a number it can calculate, etc.

How do you interrogate data in Excel 2007?

You can interrogate data in Excel 2007 by using the filter and sort options in Excel. This re-organizes the data in a way that makes it easy to analyze and evaluate the data.

How do you add V.A.T on excel 2007?

choose where you want to show the vat type = click on the cell you want to add vat to type +0.175* then click on the cell you want to add vat to example - =Z1+0.175*Z1 hope this helps (its a formula by the way!)

What is paste special in Excel 2007?

Paste Special lets you copy cell contents and copy selected cell contents to another cell. The paste special command has a number of useful tools built into it. Besides allowing you to paste values, it also allows you to transpose lists (columns to rows or rows to columns), multiply, add, skip blank ( Full Answer )

How play game in Excel 2007?

There are no hidden games in Excel since Excel 2000. So there are none in Excel 2007. You can use a spreadsheet for all sorts of things, so you could play some games using numbers and formulas, but you would have to make them up yourself, and Excel isn't really for that kind of thing, so it could ( Full Answer )

Can you use Excel 2010 as Excel 2007?

The differences between them are not extensive so you can work in Excel 2010 easily if you are familiar with Excel 2007. You can save your files so that Excel 2007 will recognise them.

How can you get exponents on Microsoft Excel 2007?

You can use the ^ operator or the Power function. So if you wantedto get 10 to the power of 2, you could do it either of these ways: =10^2 =POWER(10,2) To show the actual power, you can insert symbols for the powers toget something like 10 2 on your spreadsheet.

How do you open the About dialog in Excel 2007?

To see the About Microsoft Office Excel 2007 dialog: 1. Click on the Office button in the upper left-hand corner. 2. Now click the Excel Options button in the menu. 3. Select the Resources tab on the left-hand pane, you'll see "about Microsoft Office Excel 2007" in the list on the right. 4. ( Full Answer )

How many pages you have in excel 2007?

You can have as many as 1,026 page breaks both horizontally andvertically. It's possible you meant worksheets rather than pages. The maximumnumber of worksheets is limited only by available memory.

What is the row height of Excel 2007?

By selecting an empty row and pressing Ctrl + 'Down arrow key', the selected cell will be the next item down the column. The row height in Excel 2010 is 1048576 cells.

What does a nonadjacent range look like in Excel?

A range can only be cells that are adjacent and in a rectangular shape. It is possible to select non-adjacent cells but this would not be regarded as a range. Each would be a separate range. So usually non-adjacent ranges will have gaps between them, although it is possible to have cells from to sep ( Full Answer )

Who invented Excel 2007?

Excel 2007 is just an update of previous versions of Excel. No one individual is responsible for creating it. It is the work of many programmers employed by Microsoft going back over many years. Excel 2007 is just an update of previous versions of Excel. No one individual is responsible for creatin ( Full Answer )

What does the average function look like using Excel 2003?

It can be used with cells like this: =AVERAGE(C2, C5, D10, D12) Most commonly it can be used with a cell range, like this: =AVERAGE(A2:A20) It can also use mixes of values and cells and cell ranges: =AVERAGE(A2:A20, 23, 63, B44, G14, 90) It can be used with cells like this: =AVERAGE(C2, C5, D ( Full Answer )

Is there a fight simulator in Excel 2007?

No. The hidden games were removed from version 2003 onwards. No. The hidden games were removed from version 2003 onwards. No. The hidden games were removed from version 2003 onwards. No. The hidden games were removed from version 2003 onwards. No. The hidden games were removed from version 2003 ( Full Answer )

Does data sheet view looks like Excel?

A datasheet in Access looks a bit like a worksheet in Excel, but itis different, like having row and column headings relating torecords and fields, rather than just having numbers and letters. Aworksheet in Excel has a wide range of facilities that a datasheetdoesn't. A datasheet is mainly for displ ( Full Answer )

What is groups in Microsoft Excel 2007?

They allow you to take a set of related numbers together and groupthem and then do things like get totals. So say you have a list ofsales spread out across the year. You could group them into months,and get a total for each month. You could also group them by theindividual salespeople to see how muc ( Full Answer )

Who developed Excel 2007 software?

It was developed by Microsoft. They would have a huge amount ofpeople involved in the task of doing so, not one individual.Neither would it be Bill Gates who personally does the work, assome people think. Microsoft have a lot of employees developingtheir software. For Excel 2007, as it is an upgrade ( Full Answer )

How many ribbons are there in Excel 2007?

There is only one ribbon. It has lots of tabs on it, which is what you may mean. There are seven standard ones. They are Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review and View. Others can also be added.