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Can you make a 'universal' change on WikiAnswers?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-03 14:14:29

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If this question is asking whether all instances of a word (e.g. "Camero") could be changed to something else (e.g. "Camaro"), then, no. It's technically possible so it could be done, but it would not be easy.

2006-08-03 14:14:29
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Q: Can you make a 'universal' change on WikiAnswers?
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If your a member on WikiAnswers and you get a different email how do you change it on your WikiAnswers account?

Change your settings on wikianswers!!!

Can you change the color of your WikiAnswers toolbar?

You cannot change the color of your WikiAnswers toolbar.

How do you correct answers on WikiAnswers?

To make answers on WikiAnswers right, you click on 'improve answer' when you see an incorrect answer, and then you can change it. The 'improve answer button is located just beneath the answer to a question.

When do you change your name on WikiAnswers?

You change your name on WikiAnswers whenever you feel like it, or if it has been deemed inappropriate.

How do you change the font in WikiAnswers in the answer box?

You can't change the font in the WikiAnswers answer box. There is one standard font.

Hey How do I change my profile picture on wikianswers?

To change your profile picture on wikianswers go to your profile and upload it from there.

How do you convince to rename WikiAnswers as WiQA?

This would be a very, very large change. There is no need to make this change, and it probably won't be made.

How often does WikiAnswers make a new major change?

New releases are scheduled for around every month.

Can you change your background on WikiAnswers?

Changing BackgroundAt the present time, it is not possible to change the background of WikiAnswers; the WikiAnswers homepage is not customizable like the YouTube homepage. You can, however, change the background color of your profile.(See Related question.)

How do you make WikiAnswers endorse criminal activity?

You cannot make WikiAnswers endorse criminal activity, and WikiAnswers will never endorse criminal activity.

Is there a possibility to change the universal language?

Currently, there is no universal language, so there is nothing to change. English is the most common international language, but that will surely change as cultures and needs change.

What colour would universal indicator change with potassium hydroxide?

It would make it a blue color, meaning alkaline.

Why are WikiAnswers categories not classified and organized in the universal way?

Websites are not libraries. We do not have to use any universal system. Most websites organize their content in any way they choose to do so.

How do you make a badge on WikiAnswers?

you do not make them , you earn them.

When did they make WikiAnswers?


How do you change a profile that purports to be about you?

If someone is claiming to be you on their WikiAnswers profile, please contact WikiAnswers @ (no spaces).

What specific penalties are there on WikiAnswers for repeated warnings?

You will get blocked after repeated offenses, and will not be able to make or change answers. This is likely to be a permanent blocking.

Is it true people change answers on WikiAnswers?

Yes, people change answers on WikiAnswers all of the time. It is to better the quality of the answer. So, yes, it is completely true.

How do you correct the accidental misspelling of your username on your wikianswers account?

You will need to request a username change. See the related question below to find out how to change your WikiAnswers username.

Why have WikiAnswers changed the background color of questions?

I believe that concepts have to change once in a while and it was time that wikianswers had a change in colors and information brought to you. Nice move.

How would you change your paper if you were to make it again?

WikiAnswers cannot read your mind to see how you would change your paper. You must read over what you have and decide how you might have changed it and explain that.

Can you ask a particular individual a question on WikiAnswers?

No, questions and answers are not meant to be personal on WikiAnswers. We aim to make all the answers universal. That means removing some level of personality, but it allows to grow a valuable information resource for the whole world to use rather than just a discussion board.

Make a list of universal tools and products according to OSHA?

There is no such thing as a universal tool or universal product.

Is change then not a Universal norm?

no one cares about that

Did michealjackson make WikiAnswers?

No, he didn't.