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Q: Can you make a dress design on the internet and send it to a dress maker?
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How do you dress like Katherine from the vampire diaries for Halloween?

Go on Google images and type kathrine fro the vampire diaries and she will come up in a dress choose your favourite one and tell a dress maker to make it for you, you may think that there are no more dress makers but just look for your local dress maker on the Internet.

What is the name for people who make dresses?

ummmm-dress maker or tailor i suppose.

Who did a dress maker make the dresses?

You can find many dresses store online.

If i send in a design sketch of a dress is there a company that will make it for me?

Yes but it is really expensive.

How do you make a wedding dress in China from the 1400s?

You can go on the Internet and look up fashions for the 1400's and print out the style of dress that you like and then have a good seamstress make the dress for you.

How do you make a wiggle dress?

A wiggle dress is an older term for a dress that hugs all of your curves and narrows down the length of the thighs. To make a wiggle dress, the tailor needs to take measurements and cut the clothes according to the wiggle dress design.

How can one become a game maker?

There are many ways that a person can become a game maker. A person can go to college and learn how design games and how to use computers to make them.

How do you make a Pokemon Legend card on the internet?

Use Pokemon card maker or go to and see there forms

Where does the Irish dance dresses come from?

Irish dance dresses can come from many different places. Dance schools ma yhave their own dress maker to go to. Or, for a solo dress, you can find plenty of Irish dance solo dress maker through your school, online, or anywhere! These dress makers make high quallity, upscale dresses. They usually measure and make sure it is perfect for you. For a used dress, you can probably find a solo or school dress through your dance school. Also, there are many used solo dresses online.

How do you design and tailor a wedding dress?

I will firstly choose the most beautiful one in my image, and then make some alter.

How can you make a ketchup and mustard costume?

you can grad a model not a real one and make or design a dress with globs skworts of tons of ketchup and mustard

How do yo make yourself a wedding dress in animal crossing?

It's easy! Just go to Able Sisters and talk to Mabel, then click "I want to design!" and then design a wedding dress. If you don't want to do that, then buy a cake dress.. It's the closest one to a wedding dress. (If you're getting married, than also buy a vail.)

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