Can you make a magnet out of a piece of metal?


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The metal must be able to conduct an electromagnetic charge.

The most common types of metal that can conduct the charge are, Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel.

Now there are places in the world that naturally have good sources of electromagnetic energy. However there are plenty of machines that provide the same benefit.

Have you ever wondered why you can put magnets onto your refrigerator? Even if your refrigerator is mostly made of plastic and/or foam, it somehow produces enough energy to attract a magnet. The iron coils in the back emit electromagnetic energy, that distributes around the entire fridge, allowing magnets to stick on like magic.

Magnets have two poles, positive energy, and negative energy. Or (going back to science class) Electrons and Protons of atoms. When a piece of iron is exposed to a high percentage of electromagnetic energy the electrons and protons will become charged.

In order to craft a magnet, a piece of iron, cobalt or nickel could simply be hit by a bolt of lightning, or shocked from a generator.

However be very careful when creating a magnet. If it is done in a hazardous fashion the magnet could create explosions or malfunctioning of electrical equipment. Magnets can destroy computers, and even devastate telephone transformers. Magnets can also screw with radio signals or compasses and make them malfunction.

If you are curious as to where you can find magnets in everyday life here are a few things engineers and scientists use magnets for today:

  • The Superman extreme roller coaster uses magnets to pull the train to give it a strong enough acceleration boost to complete the track.
  • A famous monorail in Japan was the first to use magnets as a clean source of energy to get it smoothly through the city. The magnets are used much like The Superman roller coaster. The magnets are placed on the track and underneath the monorail cars, the forces of the magnets allow the train to literally defy gravity.
  • Another awesome fact about magnets is that our very planet has its own electromagnetic pole. It is the North Pole. Compasses are designed to always point north because the magnet inside was made to pick up electromagnetic charges in the area to show direction.