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Can you make a paintball gun shoot a real bullet?


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December 11, 2012 10:32AM

No, not only are there no .68 caliber bullets, but it would be easier to make a gun from scratch then to make a paintball gun into one. <--- As for his answer it wouldn't seem possible but there is a way they make conversion kits for turning a 20,16,12,10, and 410 into a 22 Lr-22 short, 9mm, 45 colt, and much more i figured that the Diameter of a paintball gun barrel is close to a 16G shotgun shell, all you would have to do is cnc the kit down to fit the paintball gun barrel and create a firing mec with the stock receiver. 16g to 22lr is 29$, I would rather pay for a conversion kit and mill it down for 35$ is alot cheaper then buying a new gun. You will have to check with the local and state laws for your area for creating a gun most the time they wont have a problem, it is perfectly LEGAL* if the barrel is over 16 inches? its either 16-18 inches and you are not mass producing them, or selling/trading, but for PERSONAL USE ONLY!* The cool part is Paintball guns go up too 22 inch of barrel, More for the sniper paintball guns but i think that would be cool to convert a sniper M16 paintball gun or a T68 GEN7 EXTREME DELTA SNIPER PAINTBALL GUN into a 22. I would go bigger but the guns are only made out of cheap Aluminum instead of modern steel. SO BE SAFE! tie the sucker to a tree and fire it lol. *!IM NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE USER!*