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no. it would be just eggs, milk, and baking powder

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Q: Can you make a pancake without flour?
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Can you make a pancake from just flour?

no. not unless you wanted a horrible tasting pancake that is basically dust... then no.

Can you fry fish without flour or cornmeal?

You sure can. My grandpa used pancake mix. Make you up some pancake mix and dip your fish in and fry them. Gives them a rare taste.

Is egg a main igrident in pancake?

Egg, flour and milk make up the 3 ingredients in pancake batter. I would suggest that flour is the main ingredient.

What year was Pillsbury pancake flour introduced?

Pillsbury pancake flour was introduced in 1872.

How do you make Korean seafood pancake crispy?

I think adding rice flour more that wheat flour will make it crispy.

What flour do you use for pancake?

All-purpose flour

Can you add flour to pancake mix if you don't have enough?

Yes, you can add flour to pancake mix if you don't have enough. You may also need to add more of the other ingredients to balance the pancake batter.

Is rice flour suitable for pancake?

Yes, is the answer. There appears to be several rice flour pancake recipes available on the internet.

Where did Pancake Tuesday come from?

From when you use up all your leftover eggs and flour to make certain food.

What ingrediients do you need to make a pancake?

Flour, milk, eggs, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter.

What is a German pancake?

You make a dough from flour, eggs and milk, stirr it well and leave it for a while. Then you put oil or butter in a pan and you bake this pancake in the pan, turn it around... here you go: a German pancake :-))).

Is a pancake a vegetable?

No its not, Because pancake is made up of ingredients flour egg and milk a vegetable is a living organisms and pancake is not its had to be fried

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