Can you make an outboard 125 force into an inboard?

The answer is yes. the only catch is that you will need to find a second hand Force L-drive. The L-drive was an attempt from Mercury to use a force outboard motor as an inboard. Sadly they never got rid of the bugs of the u-joint system and scraped the idea three years later. They where only made from 90 to 93'. They use the power-head and lower unit from an outboard, but with a special U- joint system in the middle. I know this because I own a Bayliner Capri from 1991 with such a drive and I use Force outboard parts for spairs. If you can find such an L-drive then you could use your outboard, but hard to find. Try old Maxum or Bayliners from the early 90's. It might be easy (and cheaper) to find a complete L-drive boat with a broken powerhead then just the parts.