Can you make computer speakers from splicing speakers and a headphone plug?

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No, splicing the cord wil ruin the jack and cabling. Not a good idea. Soory
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How to change from using speakers to headphones?

Generally speakers are plug-and-play. If you have tried that and it didn't work go to your control panel to 'Sounds and Audio Devices' to 'Speaker settings' then 'Advanced' and change the scroll bar to 'Headphones'

Where do you plug computer speakers?

Answer . \nFor sound cards:\n. \nCheck the back of the computer. If you have some headphone-looking ports in a rectangular shaped metal cutout back there (and there are more than one) put the speakers in the green port.\n. \nFor Computers without sound cards:\n. \nIf you don't have one, look ( Full Answer )

How do you add a headphone socket to the speaker wires so that the speakers disconnect when the headphones are plugged in?

ANSWER . Each speaker is driven by a pair of wires coming from the amplifier. One wire is "live" and the other wire is "ground". There are two little contacts in the headphone socket which connect the amplifier's live outputs to the headphones when the headphone jack is inserted. When the headpho ( Full Answer )

Can speakers go into a headphone socket?

They were not designed to be used that way so don't do it! Speakers have a much lower impedance than headphones so your MP3 player, DVD player (or whatever device it is that just has headphone sockets) may be damaged if you plug speakers into it. That's because the speakers will try to take much mor ( Full Answer )

You have your speakers plugged into your computer but you are not getting any sound?

Some speaker systems come with a power supply unit that plugs into a normal outlet. With those, there is a switch on one of the speakers along with a volume control. Also, check your "volume control" settings under "accessories" to make sure the speakers aren't "muted" in that control panel. Chec ( Full Answer )

How can you make your headphone and speaker jacks in your Dell inspiron computer play two different audio sources?

To your computer these jacks are both the same pair of channels. The only way you could accomplish this is to put one audio source on the left channel only & the other on right channel only, then adjust the balance on those jacks accordingly on windows volume control. A better way to accomplish t ( Full Answer )

My computer is always making staticy noises and I mean with sound. Even with headphones in the speaker jack. It changes according to what the computer is doing like erasing text. Any solutions?

Sounds like perhaps the speakers are not plugged in securely. If you check this and it is plugged in all the way, move the cord around near each end and if it makes noises in sync with your movement with the cord, it's a bad cord. If that doesn't do anything, move the cord around in different spots ( Full Answer )

What does speakers and headphones look like?

you can tell its a speaker if its a box or shell, and one end has a grate or mesh covering, there will be a wire coming out of the side opposite to the grill. this wire needs to be plugged into your amp, computer, or sub woofer, depending on your PC audio setup, for more information, contact your PC ( Full Answer )

What does computer speaker do?

To understand how a computer speaker works, you must first learn how sound works. It is a vibration that can travel through air, liquid or a gas. Contrary to science fiction, sound can not be heard in space because it is a vacuum, where there is no air. The sound vibrates through the air and hits ( Full Answer )

Why do headphones have a left and a right speaker?

The left-ear speaker's made for your left ear(and vice-versa) so you can hear better. Stereo music is mixed with the intention that certain instruments will appear in different locations in the the stereo spread (somewhere between left and right). To accurately recreate the intentions of the music ( Full Answer )

What are stereo headphone and headphone speakers?

Basically, the difference between stereo speakers and mono speakers are that different sounds can come out of different speakers. For instance, if in a movie a gunshot was made to the right of the viewer, the sound would be made to come out of the right speaker as to give more of a feeling of being ( Full Answer )

How do speakers and headphones work?

Speakers use pulses of electricity to activate a small electromagnet that surrounds another magnet. it has a plastic covering, so as to mimic the vibration of our vocal chords and make noise.

Can copper speaker wire be spliced with silver speaker wire?

Splicing Different Wires . Yes, IF the rules of proper splicing are followed, dissimilar metals can be successfully spliced. . Some of those rules that I can recall at the moment include : . The part of the wires to be connected by splicing MUST be clean and free of any grease, dirt, corros ( Full Answer )

Can you fix a blown speaker on skullcandy headphones?

with skullcandy earbuds i have found if you take the little mesh metal piece that you hear sound out of, out, they not only work again but play much louder. now this is only true with the in ear earbuds. not the over ear, or on ear.

What do headphones and speakers do?

speakers make the musis louder while headphones make the music go directly to your ears, this makes you the only person able to hear it.

Your speakers worked with old computer but you got a new computer and there plugged in but wont work?

There are a few possible causes for this, the two most likely being 1.) They're not plugged in to the correct jack (computer speakers go into the green 3.5mm circular jack), 2.) Improper sound drivers on the new computer or some other form of software deficiency. Assuming that it is in fact someth ( Full Answer )

When i plug my headphones into my TV no sound comes out of my headphones but they still come out of my tv speakers. I want to use my headphones to listen to sound from my Ps3.?

a mess up in the headphone? you may need a new tv or new headphones The headphone jack in the TV are switched so that the TV's speakers are turned off when you plug in the phones. This jack has been broken on your TV, so you need to get that part fixed (if it is a more recent TV) or replace the T ( Full Answer )

How do i connect my tv which is a Digital Audio Out connection to my computer speakers which have a 3.5mm Headphone Jack connection so that my TVs sound will play out of the speakers?

Unless your computer speakers have a digital audio input, you won't be able to just use a cable. If your TV has two RCA line outputs (audio outputs), you can get an adapter cable to run to your computer speakers. You could upgrade your speakers to models that have a digital input, but most of those ( Full Answer )

If you plug in headphones with a microphone built in into a computer how can you make it work as both a microphone and a headphone?

The combined headphone/boom mic, usually have two 3.5mm plugs, color coded green and pink. Plug the green one into the headphone or speaker output and the pink one into the mic socket. If the headset has a single 3 ring,(stereo) 3.5mm plug, then it is generally not compatible with computer use. You ( Full Answer )

Can you plug headphones into home stereo speakers?

"Yes, you can do this. Home stereos always have one thing, and that is a head phone jack so if you don't want to disturb other people in your home you can still listen to music."

What type of device are speakers and headphones?

Speakers are attached to computers for the output of sound. Sound cards are required in the computer for speakers to function. Speakers range from simple; two-speaker output devices to surround-sound and multichannel units.

Is there a way to manually mute certain speakers in a situation with a defective headphone plug in where sound comes out of both headphones and built in laptop speakers?

Nope - if your sound is coming from both the headphones and the built-in speakers, it's your headphone socket in the laptop - not the plug that's at fault ! Basically an audio socket is a switch. While no external speakers (ie headphones) are connected, its internal components direct the sound t ( Full Answer )

What do you plug into the computer to charge the mini bomb speaker?

You plug in the red cord into the headphone speaker of yourcomputer. You charge it by turning it off and it should charge for1 hour. Once the light turns blue on your speaker that means itsfully charged and it should last for about 4 hours.

Which company makes the best computer speakers?

Altec Lansing makes reliable, high quality computer speakers at a reasonable price. Yamaha also produces a comparable computer speaker line. Bose is considered the top standard, though they are more expensive than most other similar speakers.

How do you change speakers to headphone in PC?

Usually, you just plug in the headphones, and that mutes thebuilt-in speakers. If the speakers don't mute, make sure the plugis the right size for the PC's jack (the plug should not have anywiggle when it is plugged in), and that it is plugged in all theway into the jack.