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Yes - confectioner's sugar or icing sugar is powdered sugar with about 3% cornflour.

You'll need a food processor, blender or mortar and pestle.

Weigh white sugar then add an additional 3% cornflour. Blitz it ferociously in the processor or blender, or grind it in themortar, till you achieve a fine powder.

When you rub the mixture between thumb and finger you should not be able to feel any granules.

But... icing sugar is relatively inexpensive and it keeps indefinitely.

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Q: Can you make confectioners sugar from regular sugar?
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Is confectioners' sugar the same as regular sugar?

Yes. Confectioners sugar is made by finely grinding regular sugar until it becomes a powder.

Can you use regular suger instead confectioners sugar to make icing for a cake?


What is the chemical name for regular granulated sugar and confectioners' sugar?


How many cups of regular sugar are in one cup of confectioners' sugar?

about two.

How much cornstarch do you need to add to granulated sugar to make confectioners sugar?

Cornstarch is added to confectioners (powdered) sugar to prevent the sugar from lumping, so the amount is quite minimal. And adding cornstarch to granulated sugar isn't what makes it confectioners sugar. Confectioners sugar is much finer and softer than granulated sugar, it has a texture much like that of cornstarch. So you would have to be able to grind granulated sugar into a very fine powder in order to make it like confectioners sugar.

How does confectioners' sugar differ from granulated sugar?

The main distinguishing feature of confectioners' sugar is that its a very fine powder (while regular sugar is often in powder form, it is more granular, hence the name granulated). This helps the confectioners' sugar dissolve faster, which may aid in some applications.

Is confectioners sugar the same as the normal sugar?

Confectioners sugar (also called Powdered sugar) differs from "regular sugar" (Granulated sugar) in two ways. Confectioners sugar it's milled to a much finer grain and, and it has cornstarch in it to prevent caking. If you run of of Granulated sugar, you can substitute with Confectioners sugar. Multiply the amount of granulated sugar needed by 1.75. It takes 1 3/4 cup of powdered sugar to substitute for 1 cup of granulated sugar.

Do you need confectioners sugar in order to make angel food layer cake?

Apparently not, because I just found multiple recipes for Angel Food Cake online that just use regular granulated sugar. Now if you want to make a glaze to put on top, you may need confectioners sugar

Why do you use confectioners sugar instead of normal sugar?

Confectioners sugar is powdery and used for icing and sometimes whipped cream, just to make it thicker and easier to whip.

Is confectioners sugar the same as powdered sugar?

Yes, confectioners sugar is the same as powdered sugar.

Can I replace confectioners' sugar to granulated sugar?

No, it will not work if you are trying to make frosting.

How many cups are in a 1 pound box of confectioners sugar?

how many cups are in a one pound box of confectioners sugar?

What is powered sugar?

Confectioners sugar

Why does confectioners sugar is whiter than powdered sugar when mixed with water?

Confectioners sugar is another name for powdered sugar. They are the same product.

Is 4X sugar the same as regular sugar?

The 4X just refers to how finely the sugar has been ground. For example 10X sugar is powdered or confectioners sugar. The larger the number the finer the grind.

What is a substitute for confectioners sugar?

Powder Sugar

Is icing sugar the same as confectioners' sugar?

Icing sugar, powdered sugar and confectioner's sugar are all the same thing - in England, the name is always Icing Sugar. In America it is known as Confectioners sugar. In Britain, it is used mixed with water to make a hard coating on a layer of marzipan for traditional English Christmas cake. If it is desired to make the icing slightly softer, glycerine is added to the sugar and water mixture You can actually make it in small amounts if you need some in a hurry, by putting regular sugar in a blender and whirling away until the sugar is very fine.

What is the price of confectioners sugar?

Two pounds of confectioners sugar is around $2 depending on where you live and the store you go to.

Can 4xs confectioners sugar be turned into 10xs confectioners sugar?

Yes, if you put it in a food processor for a few minutes

Is confectioners sugar the same as granulated sugar?

No, confectioners sugar is much finer (almost a powdery texture), and both have different uses for cooking.

What is confectioners milk?

Confectioners milk is sweetened milk. Milk is often used with powdered sugar to make frosting or icing for cakes. Food items that are high in sugar content are confectionery items.

Is confectioners sugar the same as icing sugar?


What is another name for powdered sugar?

Confectioners sugar.

Is powder sugar the same as confectioners sugar?

Yes it is.

Is powdered sugar the same things as confectioners sugar?