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Can you make enemies become your friend?

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It depends on the enemy you are dealing with. Sometimes people are jaded from things that happened to them and they take it out on others; while other people simply don't like certain people. I wouldn't waste my energy on trying to make an enemy your friend. Be pleasant, don't join the bottom of the barrel they're in and move on. However, it's good to keep your enemies close, get to know their habits, but watch your back!

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Is it easier to make friends or enemies?

Enemies, because there are some people out there who just doesn't want to be anyone's friend more than people who wants become anyone's friend.

You have a lot of enemies in your school how can you make friends with the problem that they might be the enemies friend?

you make them when you talk to them

Will sonic and supermario become friends?

half friend half enemies

How do you make an enemy a friend?

Watch the movie "You've Got Mail". Worst enemies become best of friends! Or you could just have a frienemy!!

How are the enemies?

Enemies are people who you hate the most like one of my friend is a enemy of mine. Enemies are people that is in your life who bullies you or make fun of you.

What will you do if a friend ignores you?

Show my attitude ofcourse!! And try to make friendhip to her enemies

What do you do if you are disliked in a class and are bullied?

kill them with kindness and hopefully you make friend and not enemies

How do best friends become enemies?

well, best friends become enemies by doing bad things to each other,,

How do you make people become your friend?

You can't make anyone your friend. You can only be yourself. They will have to like you for who you are.

Who are Libya's enemies?

Allies have become enemies and enemies have become allies. Libya have had military conflicts (enemies)with USA, Israel, Egypt, and Chad.

How do you make a boy notice you?

Talk to them, and become their friend

Who were emiliano zapata's enemies?

Madero was a man who used to be zapata's friend but then became enemies

How can you know that your friend is lying to you or trying to make you jealous?

A true friend will never lie to you or try to make you jealous. Those are the qualities of strangers or enemies, but not a true friend. If you catch someone engaging in this type of behavior, run (don't walk) in the other direction. That person is not a friend.

Are Sonic and knukles enemies?

They are enemies at the start but then they get on and they become part of a team.

How do you make a girl to be your girl friend but she doesn't talk to you?

Talk to her more, become her friend and see what happens from there

How do you make a celebrity your friend on Facebook how do you become a fan even?

ya and no

How to make friends with fellow users?

To become a friend u have to be nice

Where episode of glee when Santana and britney becme enemies?

They never become enemies. They are in love.

Why did Orlando Bloom become a Buddhist?

A friend told him it was a good choice to make

How do you become a friend of someone your in love with?

Answer You make the effort to get to know them - really get to know them.

How do you make your friend become friends with their enemy?

all they need to do is:start being nice to eachother.being mean......thats how enemies start. you should never be mean to someone, itwill start getting worse. treat others the way you want to be treated.

How can you become more popular in your friend group?

i know only one way to get popular in my friend group is to make them happy and make them laughing ,smiling make yourself that you are the only person who make them laugh

Who are Isis's the goddess of Egypt close friends and enemies?

Isis's friend is Nepthys or Bast. Set and Apophis are her enemies.

What was the exact statement Abraham Lincoln made when he said you can destroy your enemies by making them your friends?

"The best way to destroy your enemy is to make him your friend"

What to say to make friends mad at you?

Something you could do to make a friend mad at you is to not be a friend..Act as snotty and bratty as you could and tell absolutely everything they don't want anyone else to know about them...But why would you want to make a friend mad purposely? also you can laugh when they fall or hang with their enemies but why would you wanna do this to your buds ?