Can you make ground mustard from whole mustard seeds?

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Yes you can. The most basic way to make mustard is to grind the seeds and mix the powder with cold water.
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What is ground mustard?

Ground mustard is a popular spice made from the ground seeds of themustard plant. You can get ground mustard in several varietiesincluding yellow, brown and black.

Can you substitute ground mustard for yellow mustard seed?

Maybe, If it is a dish asking for mustard seed because they are expected to be eaten whole then no, the mustard flour will overpower the flavor of the dish. If you are making

Does Whole Grain Mustard equal Ground Mustard when Measuring?

Actually a half cup of whole grain mustard (seeds) is equal to a half cup, plus two table spoons of ground mustard. If your recipe calls for mustard seeds and you are using gr

Do you use mustard seeds or mustard powder to make pickles?

nooo... take a jar , make sure it is well cleaned. you will need the following: cucumbers salt vinegar water chopped garlic black grinned pepper place the chapped g
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How do you grind mustard seed to make dry mustard?

That's not an easy proposition for the kitchen. Mustard seed when it is crushed or ground heats up and imparts a bitter taste to the mustard flour. It needs to be kept cold du
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How do you make mustard with mustard seeds?

On the most basic level grind the mustard seed with a spice grinder, or a mortar and pestle and add vinegar. Or look for mustard recipes for some alternative ideas.
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What makes a mustard a pub mustard?

What makes mustard a "pub mustard" is the fact that honey and possibly Irish whiskey is added to wholegrain mustard. Pub mustard can be used on sandwiches and can also be used
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Is turmeric the same as ground mustard seeds?

No. Turmeric comes from the roots of the turmeric plant( Curcuma longa ), a plant in the ginger family. Mustardseeds are the, well, seeds of the mustard plant (one of a fewdif