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No, only the court can permanently terminate parental rights. Courts are very reluctant to take away all parental rights except in extreme circumstances of neglect and/or abuse. After establishing paternity, a biological father has the legal right to seek custody or visitation privileges. He will also be held legally obligated to pay child support, provide adequate medical care and such other issues so ordered by the court.

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Q: Can you make the father sign over his parental rights even though there are no court documents?
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Can a father terminate his parental rights in Louisiana?

If the court approves, yes. You still have to pay child support though.

Can a father reliquish his parental rights to avoid paying child support?

Generally you still have to pay child support even though you are giving up your parental rights unless the child is being adopted.

Can a father sign his rights over without someone adopting?

Yes, a father can be allowed by the court to give up his parental rights even when the child is not up for adoption. This means he will still have to pay child support though. If you mean he would sign his parental rights over to another man, no. There would still be a mother in the picture and she would be the only one with parental rights.

Can biological father sign parental rights to child maternal grandmother even though grandmother and child not in the same home?

Only the courts can grant custody/parental rights. In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

In the state of pa can a father have his rights terminated if there is no adoption taking place?

Properly, no. But, there are exceptions, though they usually apply to both parents losing parental rights.

How does your child's father sign over his rights even though he is not on the birth certificate?

Paternity must be established before any discussion of parental rights. In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

In the state of Montana is a father able to voluntarily terminate his parental rights even though he has had no contact with child but does pay child support?

no see links below

When a father abandons his child does he still have rights?

Yes, he still has rights, though his history of non-involvement can be brought up in custody proceedings. A mother cannot withhold visitation for non-support of a child, nor can she interfere with a visitation court order.

Can a man who has been a father for five years lose his parental rights if he is not the biological father?

Unfortunately the law does not recognize a man or woman to be granted a parental rights even though they have taken it upon themselves to raise and nurture a child. Marrying someone with a child(ren) does not automatically confer the new spouse any legal rights concerning the child(ren). The law only recognizes such rights as belonging solely to a biological or adopter parent(s) or a legally appointed guardian.

What does it mean when something is released by parents of their parental rights?

They are no longer responsible for you even though you are a minor

Can a biological father seek custody after 4 years of no contact?

Yes he can since he still has his parental rights. He might only get visitation first though until they know each other better.

How do you keep parental rights to your child when unmarried to mother in Florida?

Here are a couple of ifs: Not married you have no rights. - You would have to file court docs requesting a paternity test if she will not do it herself. Not married but you are on the birth certificate. - You are automatically viewed and recognized as the father. If you disagree, you can ask for a paternity test. If you do agree you already have rights and can file court docs requesting visitation and joint custody with the mom. Married - On the birth certificate or not....whether you are the father or not - you are automatically viewed in the eyes of the court as the father. Case in point: Michael Jackson, married to his two oldest kids mom, even though he is not the father he is viewed as the father as he was married to the mom during preg and when she had the babies. He automatically has parental rights.

Can you choose who you want to live with even though your father doesnt have parental rights?

No. If your dad does not have parental rights he is not even considered an option. Around the age of 14 the court can decide to ask you for who you wish to live with but then it is between your parents, not other people which is what your dad then counts as legally. And the court is not obliged to follow your wish. Legally it is not your choice until you are 18yo.

What happens to visition rights of grandparents when the parent relinquishes his parental rights?

Though you can check with the group below, generally the same rules apply as in an adoption.

What rights does your husband have to his stepson?

Normally none. Though jurisdictions do vary. Marrying a child's mother gives a man no authority over children by a previous relationship. All paternal parental authority is vested in the biological father. If the biological father is dead, or alive and permits it, the stepfather can adopt the stepson and acquire all parental authority. Note that maintenance payments by the biological father will cease when a child is adopted.

If you sign over your parental rights in Alabama do you still have to pay child support?

I don't believe you ever have to pay child support if you relinquish your parental rights. But why would you do that though? It's a win-lose situation. If you are no longer the child's legal parent, you could lose a lot of your rights, like visitation rights.

What do you need to do if the man that pays child support to your child is not the father?

If you are not collecting Welfare, and your intent is to release him from the obligation, a motion will need to be made to the court, however if he already has parental rights, stopping support will not include stopping his access rights. Also, though the mother can file to suspend support, the man cannot in most of the country, whether he is the father or not.

Can one relinquish their parental rights without the consent of the custodial parent?

Depending on where you live, it's possible (although probably unlikely) that a judge will allow you give up your parental rights without the consent of the custodial parent. You will still have to pay child support though.

What is the most common reason given for giving up your parental rights?

Being denied access to children though paying child support.

Does everyone have the right to be a parent?

Unless they had their parental rights taken away by the court, then yes. Having the right does not always mean they should though.

Can a parent give up parental rights?

Yes if the other parent and court agrees. It does not mean you get out of child support though as some think.

Can your friends mom adopt you even though you have a good family but you want to live with her and her mom?

Only if your parents give up their parental rights. Not likely.

In Ky my parental rights were terminated four years ago now I get a letter in the mail where the courts want me to pay child support can the courts do this I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING TO REGAIN MY RIGHTS?

Even if your parental rights have been terminated, your obligations do not necessarily end at the same time. The state of Kentucky can compel you to pay child support, even though you are not allowed to visit your child. Many times a good family court lawyer can help you with such a situation, especially if you want to regain your parental rights.

Can the state take away my rights of your unborn child if i have recently lost my parental rights to another child?

That would depend on why you lost the rights to your first one. If they think that you will be a danger to your child they will do something. Just because you lose the rights to one though does not mean that you automatically lose the rights to another.

How do you get parental guidance on a tablet?

You don't, though you can get parental guidance from parents about the use of tablets