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Can you make your Sims naked?


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Depends. If you are using the PC version of the first Sims just look for the move anything cheat, grab your Sim, throw him on the street .

Yes, but only on Sims double deluxe not on Sims 2. I erased my Sim with the cheat and she came back with no clothes on I deleted her to make her mood better i erased her when she was in the shower and and fooling around in bed. it was actually cool because I had her make out with a bunch of guys naked

you can also move them out of bed while fooling around and they will stop and get out and go about nude


There is a cheat for this. I'm not sure if it works with just the base game with no expansions, but i don't see why it shouldn't.

To turn off the blur over your sim when he/she is naked, type intProp censorGridSize 0 into your cheat box.

To turn the blur on again put intProp censorGridSize 8 into the cheatbox.

To open the cheat box hold down Ctrl Shift C and a long box should appear at the top of the screen.