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no u cant make your hips big by eating.Hips grow naturally,there's nothing you can do if you don't have them.Or you you can do surgery and go for hips implants

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โˆ™ 2007-05-11 08:36:55
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Q: Can you make your hips big by eating?
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How do you make food go too your hips?

by not caring about what you are eating and eating too much even when you feel full.

How do you make big hips?

you cant. your hips are made of bone. some people have wider set hips than others. you can create the illusion of having bigger hips by having a small waist.

What is a medical name for big hips?


Are there some herbal medicines which are like creams and are applied to the hips to stimulate fats on the hips and help the hips to grow?

Only eating more will make your hips grow if you are underweight. Your body shape is determined by your genes. Don't waste your money.

How do you know if you have big hips?

big hips ============================================ Your hips are too big if you're having trouble moving your legs, fitting into chairs or passing through doors.

Why do guys like big hips?

Guys have a natural tendancy to like big hips on a woman because it shows a greater ability for successful child birth than a woman with small hips. In a primal way, men like qualities which would make a woman a more suitable mother for their child, such as big hips and large breasts.

Can chocolates make your bum big?

You know what they say - A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips...

Big hips a good or bad?

It really depends on your body! Certenly nothing is wrongwith big hips.

If a boy has big hips should you date him?

Judge him by his personality not his hips.

What does she's a meter across the hips mean?

It means that whoever 'she' is, has got big hips.

Does eating potatoes make your butt big?


Can eating meat make your butt big?

No, not really, especially lean meat. But when talking about meat with a lot of fat in it like high-marbled beef or pork, and other fatty foods, then yes, all that can and will go to your hips and butt.

Why do boys like feeling girls hips?

some boys like girls with big hips....

Do side ties on a bikini make big hips look bigger?

No they don't but sometimes they can try it out see how it goes

When you have big hips does that mean you have a loose pussy?


Can side leg raises make your hips wider and bigger?

Side leg raises dont make your hips wider. Take a look at Ballerinas. They spend most of their time doing side leg raises. Sitting on the couch eating 1/4 ers will.

If you are 5' 7 and your hips measure 33 inches are your hips too big?

No they are far from being too big they are actually too small

How do you get big hips if you are skinny?

Go horse riding. I'm very skinny but go horseriding so have a nice curvy shape. Horseriding will make your hips bigger and thighs more muscley!

Does eating a big piece of cake make your belly get fat?


Would eating a big piece of cake make you get sick?


What foods to eat and make you have big hips?

Well there are many types of food that build large bottoms and hips but no.1 is AlCOHOLS and BEER! Drinking too much alcohol can cause large hips for women and big bellies for men. You should cut off drinking before this situation happens. -by Sheenji-

Is it weird to have small hips but a big butt?

No , it is very normal for some people. I have small hips and big butt and I feel just as normal as everyone else (:

Why woman's hips looks big and smart?

Never heard my hips look smart before so thank you! ;-)The reason women have wide hips is for childbearing.

How can a man have big hips?

hes a fat ass

You want big hips but how?

i onli wish i new