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Can you make your horse gallop when riding it?


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August 29, 2010 12:15PM


Here are the steps on how to.

1.Sit up strait.

2.Your heals must be pointed downwards.

3.Get your horse walking.

4.Get the horse into trot.

5.Visualize yourself and the horse galloping.

6.The horse will know if you are doing something incorrect.

7.So just think the words horse gallop.

8.And the horse will know, it can feel what you think. And yes I know that sounds weired.

9.And that is how you will be able to gallop on a horse.

:Dont listen to the above, im a dressage rider and know how to do it correctly :)

Its about your seat and leg aid. when your cantering open your reins a little wider and lower, keeping the contact then push with your seat and leg this is now medium canter then get off the horses back slightly and you should be galloping. Make sure you are confident in stopping the horse first though.