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No you will not have a salt water pool. yes you will have salt water but the actual electronic plates found in a genrator converts the salt in the water to chlorine to sanitize the pool water. A: You have to have the mechanical device to produce the chlorine in a salt pool. THE SALT A MEANS TO PRODUCE CHLORINE FOR YOUR POOL!

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Does saltwater make mascara run faster?

Yes, saltwater makes mascara run faster. Just like when you cry, those tears are a type of saltwater.

What water gets cold faster saltwater or freshwater?

It doesn't make a difference weather it is saltwater or freshwater because they will cool at the same rate it is just that when saltwater evaporates it will leave the salt particles behind.

How often does a saltwater pool need to be drained?

saltwater in a pool should be drained every couple of months make sure to have it balanced with other chemicals too -lola5597

What does salt and hot water make?

It just makes saltwater. However, you can make a supersaturated liquid by heating it, then slowly cooling it.

What is the largest number you can make by taking away and adding 3?

It can go on to infinity if you just keep adding 3

Does adding weight to a paper airplane make it fly farther?

Just adding weight will not make a paper airplane fly farther. However, adding weight in exactly the right places can make it fly farther, by improving its balance and stability.

How much saltwater is too much for a dog?

your dog should NOT have any salt water, this will make him/her very ill!

Can salt be taken out of saltwater by freezing it?

No but you can make Saltwater edible using the Reverse Osmosis Method.

How do you make my wood furnace burn better?

Adding more oxygen should help

What materials will make something float?

I think you can make anything float!Just by adding a good amount of salt .

Can you use sea salt capsules for a saltwater flush to avoid the taste?

Yea you can. Just make sure u drink warm water just before and straight after.

How do you make words plural in spanish?

Mostly just by adding an -s or -es at the end of the word.

Will adding baking powder to mashed potatoes make them whiter?

No, it will just give them a metallic taste.

How do you make a chemical reaction last longer?

you can speed up a chemical reaction by adding a catalyst to it,a catalyst just speeds up the reaction and does not react with the substances.just thought you should know

What color tones down the color pink?

Adding white will make a paler pink. Adding yellow will make peach. Adding blue will make lavender or mauve.

How do you get the beaker to boil on poptropica?

just keep adding in stuff mostly to make a dark green hue

What color do you add to pink to make it red?

Just keep adding red until the white is diluted.

If pregnant women went out during solar or lunar eclipses may her child will be disfigure or death?

No why should it? What would the mechanism be? It just doesn't make sense.No why should it? What would the mechanism be? It just doesn't make sense.No why should it? What would the mechanism be? It just doesn't make sense.No why should it? What would the mechanism be? It just doesn't make sense.

How do you make saltwater?

Well,to make a saltwater,you have to get some water and add salt in it.But you won't see any plankton.Oh,and let me tell you this:if you have a sore throat,you have to drink it.

What is the ratio of salt to water to make saltwater for a saltwater tank?

it depends on the brand of salt you use you need to make a batch of saltwater for yourself and find out the measurements, my brand is 2 3/4 cups salt into 5 gallons of water for a 1.024 SG.

Will adding wine to a sauce make it saltier?

No, adding wine to a sauce will make it less salty.

How do you become a mermaid just by touching saltwater mixed with shampoo?

You can not become a mermaid with anything or any spell. Saltwater and shampoo will not change you into a mermaid. Mermaids are made up and not in real life. People can not change into other creatures. It is all make believe.

How does saltwater affect dog's skin?

it will make it a littlemore hard

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