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Can you manually close a 1999 Cougar's sunroof if it is stuck open?

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I have been servicing all makes of sunroofs for over 30 years. The Cougar sunroof can be closed manually in several ways. The first thing I usually do is remove the top panel so you can see all that you are doing. You can replace the hold down screws and put the panel back in later after the sunroof is shut. The second step is to remove the motor assembly...it is located under the front dome ligh. Just pop out the lens and a couple of screws and you will ses the motor. you may have top take out the sunvisor inside clips on the headliner for a larger work area. Remove the inner trim ring of the headliner around the sunroof opening. REmove the 2 or 3 screws holding int he motor. You may now move the track assemblies manually. There are hold down tabs on the back of the tracks to hold the rear of the glass down in the closed position. once you have the sunrro closed reinstall the motor...this will keep the sunroof panel in the closed position. You will want to remove the sunroof fuse or disconnect the switch so you can not operate the unit again.

I can be e-mailed at madspinner@aol.com

the above answer has been changed since i wrote the response below MJ - July2015

------- no way Mr.MadSpinner, with your "30 years experience" you don't have a clue about cougar sunroofs. I guarantee you have not worked on a cougar before or you would have remembered it. First of all, cougars do not have a glass sunroof, it is a metal panel sunroof or moonroof. Second, the cougars break their sunroofs at the RH track usually because Ford made them out of plastic -- the 2001 & 2002 cougar sunroof rails are made of metal because of this flaw. One side will break and then the motor and the cable will then only pull on the other side .

--- So, even if you remove the motor, the sunroof will still not close because the track and pins are broken on one side. The correct answer should be to remove the rubber trim ring inside the car and then using a t-25 torx screwdriver, remove the 4 screws that hold the roof panel onto the frame/track. From the center of the sunroof, they are at the 4 corners of the roof panel facing outward and you may have to push up on the headliner cloth to be able to see them. After removing the sunroof panel, then you will be able to easily see the broken pins and slider --- use the motor to close the sunroof while unlocking and pushing the broken side down the track. Once the shuttle is pushed down the track (or you can remove it also), then you can install the panel and carefully put the 4 torx screws back in place. You can unplug the motor or remove the fuse, so no one can try to open it again.

-- Start looking for another sunroof at junk yards, but only get one out of a 2001 or 2002 cougar with the metal rails and gears. Most junk yards sell them for under $100 and the last one i found in 2014 was only $50. You can install the entire sunroof in your car in about 1 hour. The most difficult part is lowering the headliner and sliding it back out the rear hatchback --- you will use your current car's color sunroof panel and bolt it to the junkyard sunroof frame/motor with those same 4 torx bolts. It may take you 2 hours if you have never removed the visors, coat hooks, map lights, and headliner before. Don't forget to re-connect the rubber rain drain tubes.

-- any questions? Marteen_J at Yahoo com

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Your sunshade is stuck open on your 1990 Honda Accords sunroof how do you get it to close?

use the sunroof tool in your spare tire tool pouch to manually close.

How can you close a stuck open sunroof on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala LS?

First, find the motor for the sunroof. There will be a manual override on or around the motor that you can turn to close the stuck sunroof.

Is there a way to close a sunroof stuck open on Saturn 98 SL2?

Yes,there are a few ways to close a stuck open sunroof on this car. A person can use their hand, or a tool to pull on the sunroof while pressing the button to close it. Using some lubricant will help as well.Ê

How do you close a lumina sunroof that is stuck open and won't close with the switch?

If a sunroof gets stuck open, getting it closed can be hard. It can be pulled shut if a person can get a grip on the sunroof. Fixing the wiring or fuse problem would help remedy the problem,

Ford expedition sunroof stuck open how do you close it?

If the sunroof is stuck open on a Ford Expedition, a person can spray the linkage with Liquid Wrench. If the sunroof is stuck open because the motor is not working for it, check the fuse box for a burned fuse. The linkage can be taken apart, if necessary, and pressure can be applied from the top to close it temporarily.

Is there a manual closer on the sunroof mine is stuck open?

i worked at a Saturn dealership for a year in the parts dept and the only way to close the sunroof manually is to use the gear the motor drives. i can't remember but some or the sunroofs were direct drive som using the gear may not be an option.

How can you manually close your 97 Saturn SC2 Sunroof that is stuck open?

There are two little hydraulics at the front of your sunroof. One on the left and one on the right. They sit at about a 45 degree angle. Take something like a window scraper, that's what I use and push on the backside of the hydraulic. It will push in and you will feel your sunroof go down slightly. Do the same thing to the other side. Get out of your car and you should then be able to push the sunroof the rest of the way down from outside of the car. Note: If it doesn't push down easy don't force it or you will break the glass.

How can you get 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GT sunroof to closed Stuck?

Had the same thing happen to me .. you have to remove the motor. take all visors off and get to the motor carefully and unplug , the hydralics in the sunroof will release sunroof and close. This is a dealer part . Replace the same way. Good Luck !

How do you repair a sunroof window on a 98 Saturn that is stuck partially open?

Contact The Sunroof Doctor for assistance. http://www.sunroofdoctor.com/9602saturn.htm

Why is the sunroof on 02 Liberty stuck open Any suggestions for a fix?

Surprisingly, this is an incredibly common problem with 2002 Jeep Liberty models. The most common reasons are a broken switch, a blown fuse or motor, problems with the liner seal, or a broken auto lock. If trying to close the sunroof makes any sort of noise, it is a problem with the motor. If the sunroof doesn't make any noise at all while trying to close it, it is the switch.

Your sunroof is stuck on Volvo s80?

This can be an alarm fault. The alarm module controls the sunroof as well as the security system. Main dealer only I'm sorry to say!

How do you get open espace tailgate its stuck shut?

when mine stuck, i climbed into the back removed the trim and manually pulled the release levers

When vacuuming a pool manually what would cause loss of pump pressure?

When vacuuming a pool manually a loss of pressure can be caused by something getting stuck in the hose. A leaf or a large bug can get stuck in the hose and cause it to lose pressure.

How can i un jam my sunroof on my Chevy blazer its jam open?

did u check if it was rusty or anything is stuck on the inside

How do you open a 1999 VW jetta trunk stuck close?

go through the back seat, open the trunk cover, a few screws and than pull the latch to the lock and walla you have it opened manually

How do you close Mercedes 2004 C230 sun roof is stuck open?

If it is like my '97, you can close by popping off the dome light lense and inserting an Allen wrench into a hole provided and crank it closed manually. It took me a long time to find the instructions in the owners manual, as it was not in the index.

How do you get a CD out of a laptop that is stuck?

Look for the hole on the cover of the CD player and stick a paperclip in it to open manually

How can you open a stuck CD tray?

Optical drives have a little hole in the front. Typically a paper clip is un bent and stuck in this hole to manually open the drive.

How do you manually release a stuck trunk on a 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible?

did you figure out how to get it done? Mine has broke as well...

How do you close a 1998 Honda Accord sunroof because it is stuck at the tilt and will not open or close and you cannot hear the motor or anything?

Check the fuse? seems you have a broken connection or a jamed gear at the motor however this is very rare . Only other way to get to the problem is to remove the headliner, I do not suggest you do this unless you are very good at replacing. Take it to the dealers.

1996 Infiniti J30t with a sunroof that does not work and you were wondering if you could instead of just fixing the sunroof if you could install a moon roof and How much would that cost to have done?

If you hear the sunroof motor trying to work it is usually a piece of the weather stripping that gets stuck in the pathway of the retraction. Or an area of rust and loss of lubrication grease to allow for it to roll back.

How to fix a sunroof on a 1995 talon?

"Fixed" is too broad of a term, is it stuck open, closed, leaking, not working at all. Specification needed here.

How do you realign a 99 cavalier z-24 stock sunroof it is stuck about 10 open?

my sunroof on my 2001 Z24 was also stuck. I took apart the screw drive and fixed it. Its a bit of work, but worth it! If you need instructions, molloy@engr.mun.ca I went to GM before and got estimate for a lot of money. in my 2000 cavalier the sunroof got stuck too. pull at the rubber lining around the inside of the sunroof (the one that seems like its just for looks) near the control button. then pull down on the inner roof cover and you'll see the back of the control button. there is an electrical connection there. see if it has come apart, which i was told it commonly does. mine was and i just clipped it back together and it worked perfectly.

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