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you cannot marry your siblings, but you can marry your first cousin.

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Q: Can you marry a sibling in the US?
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Can you marry a half brother sister or sibling in the US?

no you can not marry a half brother or sister or sibling no

Is there any US state where you can marry your sister or brother?

No. You cannot marry a sibling in any state in the US.

Can you marry your sibling in the US?

Obviously siblings,1st cousin, 2nd cousin is forbidden.

Can a Florida notary marry a sibling?

If you mean, "Can a Florida notary perform a marriage ceremony for their sibling?", then yes.

Is it legal to marry your step sibling in Texas?

it is legal anywere.

Can a man marry his half niece?

There is no such relationship as a "half-niece." Your niece is the daughter of your sibling or of the sibling of your spouse. No jurisdiction permits marriage between niece and uncle. You can't marry the daughter of the sibling of your spouse because you are already married to your spouse.

Can a Muslim marry his niece?

No! Muslim cannot marry his/her fourth cousin, let alone his/her sibling's child.

Is it legal to marry your sibling in Mexico?

It is not legal to marry your sibling in Mexico or any State in the U.S. because it is considered immoral. If the two got married it is highly likely there would be something genetically wrong with their children.

Can you divorce your siblings?

No, A sibling is a brother or a sister, and as you can not marry a brother or a sister you can not divorce them.

How far removed do you have to be to legaly marry someone?

In some places, you can marry anyone of the opposite sex who is not your parent, grandparent, child, grandchild or sibling. About half the US states also prohibit marriage fo first cousins.

Will shikamaru going to marry ino?

No. Shikamaru and Ino have a sibling-type of bond. If Shikamaru were to marry anyone, it would probably be Temari.

May you marriage your mummy sister son?

Your mother's sister's son is your first cousin. In Canada and the United States, you are not allowed to marry your mother, your sibling or your child. However about half the jurisdictions in the US permit first cousins to marry.

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