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First of all If they are legal they can't be illegal. Second, you can marry anyone you choose to.

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Q: Can you marry an illegal alien who came here legally?
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Can you marry an illegal immigrant that came into the US legally on a student visa but stayed in the country and there visa expired?

Yes you can. And once you marry the person becomes legal

Can you marry an illegal alien after he has been deported and came back into the country illegally What are the chances that you may be able to get him a green card with him being in this country?


What is a good sentence for alien that is a noun?

He came as an illegal alien and spent several years legalizing his status.

How can you marry an illegal alien who is already in the US?

At your local city hall, but it does not help in the process of your spouse becoming a citizen. It is a very difficult process especially if your spouse came illegally through mexico.

Can you marry an illegal immigrant that has been deported and came back to the us illegally?

You can marry the person, but that doesn't mean they can stay in the country. They are still illegal.

If you marry and illegal immigrant does he or she have to be living with you to get permanent residency?

send them back to where they came from

If an illegal immigrant Came to the us at age three illegally married a us citizen and now they have two kids is it easier to get a green card?

No it will not be easier to get a green card. And how did they illegally marry? If they were issued a marriage license, and they did not lie on the application, they are legally married.

If your boyfriend came here on a fake visa can he adjust status if you are married?

No. Persons who are considered to be illegally within the US cannot apply for resident status even if they are considered legally married to a US citizen. Federal law applies to immigration issues not state laws, so, it is conceivable for an illegal immigrant to legally marry a US citizen but that does not give she or he US legal status or the right to apply for such.

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Why should organ selling be illegal?

There are those who argue that there is no way to track where the organ came from and if was obtained legally. This could result in killing people and harvesting their organs for legal selling.

When is the alien invasion?

Because the alien's came to earth and thought this was where they was gonna live.

How can an illegal alien marry in America when he does not have a photo ID or status?

That person can go to the consulate or embassy of her/his home country and see about obtaining a photo I.D. If that person is from Mexico, s/he can obtain a Matricula Consular. Nevada is the best place to get married. A social security number is not necessary. I married my illegal alien husband there. He just had one picture I.D. They asked for his social security number and we said he didn't have one. It wasn't a problem. You can go to Las Vegas and do it there if he has his id from where ever he came from he can do it with that but dont put down any fale information. and qwestions feel free to e-mail me

If you are a citizen who just married your wife 2 days ago and she does not have an I-94 can you apply for her for a green card?

If she came in legally, you can file for her greencard. If she came in illegally, she will not be able to get her greencard without leaving the country. I am assuming that your wife entered the US illegally otherwise she should have I-94. A person who marries a legal foreigner can definitely apply for her/his greencard, but has to take the first steps which is AOS, EAD and advanced parole. If your wife is an illegal alien, consult an immigration lawyer.

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If a illegal alien came to this country with a visitnig visa with a fake name and over stayed and married with real name then was convicted of 2 felonies is us citizenship still possible?

yes possible but you definatley need a lawyer

When does alien versus predator come out on DVD?

Alien Vs. Predator:Requiem came out April 15, 2008 on DVD.

What is one activities you can do if you just have a visitor visa?

The one activity one can do on tourist visa legally is tourism means visiting places for what one came. Doing any job, business, etc., is illegal on visitor/tourist visa.

What can you do if you get married to a illegal and he gets arrested for being illegal but married to us but he has no visa or pass or anything came illegally?

If you were legally married in the United States, he is an American citizen, whatever his status at the time of your marriage. If he has been arrested for this, the two of you can recover damages for false arrest in a court of law. Get an attorney immediately.

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Your friend is an illegal alien from Mexico She came to the US without a passport She has lived in the US for 10 years how can she become legal?

im also in the sam position..ive looked it up and the only potential solution is the Dream act ..look it up

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How many immigrants are there in Great Britain?

That depend on whether you mean those who came here legally, or those who came in the back of a truck ! It is estimated that there are as many as three million illegal immigrants living in the UK (as of 2012) - That's 1 in every 20 people or five percent of the population !