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It is dangerous without a doctor's clearance. Strokes are caused by blood clots traveling through the veins to the brain. If there are clots elsewhere in the body they could be broken loose before they are dissolved, and travel to the brain to cause another stroke.

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2008-12-26 20:20:49
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Q: Can you massage a stroke patient?
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Where does the word Massage originate from?

The word massage originated from Arabic massa to stroke.

What does Chinese massage do?

In general, Chinese massage emphasizes movement and communication. The basic purpose of massage is to restore free movement to the patient's qi and blood.

Can a patient with mitral valve prolapse receive a massage?

yes they can

What are the odds of a full stroke recovery?

The odds of a full stroke recovery depend on the severity of the stroke, its location, and the age of the patient.

Can a patient with kidney failure get a massage?

Only a doctor of medicine is able to guide the patient or attendant on this situation.

Treatment for heat stroke?

Hydration and cooling the patient.

How do you mobilize a stroke patient?

A large dose of HMI

How does the patient prepare for massage therapy?

Going for a massage requires little in the way of preparation. Generally, one should be clean and should not eat just before a massage.

What massage do you do if a patient is taking blood thinners and anti-inflammatories?


Who can practice massage?

Anyone can, as long as it is for relaxation pourposes. The practitioner can't claim to be treating the clinet as a patient (giving a theraputic massage).

What is the purpose for the NIH Stroke Scale?

The NIH Stroke scale is a tool used by medical professionals to evaluate a patient's neurological deficits following a stroke. This tool is used in part to predict what the patient's short and long term outcomes will be.

What is the name of the drug given to a stroke patient?

insulin and diateben

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