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Yes and twice a day is also good. More if you need it, but don't do it just for the sake of doing it - find something more interesting/useful to occupy your time.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-15 11:29:06
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Q: Can you mastrubate once in a day?
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If i mastrubate person who is affect by HIV will affect AIDS?

by all means

What can you do when you feel horny?

just mastrubate...... imagine like u r having sex with some cute girl n mastrubate.. u'll be satisfied

What are some fun things to do in Boston in March besides St Patty's?

mastrubate furiously

What could you do because you are bored?

you could find something to collect, search the internet, or mastrubate

Do you feed a hamster every other day or once a day?

Once a day!

Once you lied or once you had lied?

its have lay lie let you die day day day day day

What are the medical abbreviations meaning once a day and twice a day?

q.d. = once a day (from "quaque die," once a day) b.i.d. = twice a day t.i.d. = three times a day

How many babies do parrots have?

It has babies once a day. It has babies once a day.

Can a horse be feed once a day?

Yes a horse can be fed once a day.

How many times in a day do snails eat?

once a day and and once at night

How often do you defecate in a day?

once a day

What is the medical abbreviation meaning once a day at bedtime?

qhs means once a day at bedtime

Is it healthy for a dog to go out once a day or several times a day?

It is healthier for the dog to go out more than once a day.

Will eating once a day make you gain weight?

If you are meaning eating ONLY once a day, no you will not. You will become very weak and unhealthy! Eating only once a day is very dangerous.

What is the Medical term meaning once a day at night?

You would say "qhs" for once a day, at night.

Public restrooms should be cleaned once a day.?

Public restrooms should be cleaned once a day.

What was Veterans Day once called?

Armistice Day

What are synonyms for daily?

every day, day by day, once a day, diurnal, quotidian

You eat once a day and you vomit what you eat once a day do you have bulimia?

Sounds like it. See a doctor please.

How many times a day should you brush your teeth?

@ least twice a day. once in the morning and once at night! :)

What if you eat once a day?

You can eat only once a day if u have very less activities going on in your life.

Which things come once in year and four time in that day?

The question should be: "What comes once in year and four times in an average day?" The letter A comes once in yeAr and four times in 'An AverAge dAy.'

How much does it rain a day in the amozen rainforest?

about once a day

What was Veterans' Day once called?

Armistice Day.

How many times a day do you feed the quail?

Once a day!