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Can you mix NyQuil and lorazepam 0.5mg?

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I have taken 1 mg Ativan with Nyquil. I felt fine. I didn't notice a difference. Maybe slightly drowsier. Personally a waste of Ativan since you have to get that by prescription.

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Can you mix lorazepam and doxycycline?

can you mix my anxiety pill Lorazepam with my antibiotic Doxycycline and be ok?

Is .125mg smaller than .05mg?

The answer is no .05mg is the same as saying .050mg, .125mg is not smaller than .05mg.

Can I mix NyQuil with Effexor?

can you mix NyQuil and effexor xrYou should ask a doctor whenever you have doubts about combining medications.

Can you mix children's NyQuil and children's Tylenol?

not recamended. take the Nyquil then the tylonal

Can you mix children's NyQuil and Benadryl?

No. One or the other. Not both . The Nyquil already has a decongestant in it.

Can you mix Adderall and NyQuil?

yes, and then you can die

Can you mix lorazepam with tramadol?

When you mix lorazepam and tramadol the opiate sensers begin to go crazy. The outcome from all the crazy madness is a very chili, and relaxing high.

Can you mix Advil liquid gels with NyQuil?

Yes, advil has ibuprofen in it, NyQuil has Tylenol and they are safe to take together.

Can you mix Zoloft and Lorazepam?

If you want to see the rabbit with a monacle....

Can you mix Motrin with children NyQuil?

No, it is not safe to mix two different medicines, especially for children.

Can you mix children's Vicks NyQuil with an Albuterol inhaler?

i mix it all the time, and its never given me problems!

Can you mix lorazepam and librium?

Yes, they are just benzodiazepines, proceed with caution

Can you mix sprite with vodka and NyQuil?

yes but it will give you liver damage

Is it ok to mix NyQuil d with hydrocodone?

yeah it will make you pass out

Can you mix NyQuil and hydrochlorothiazide?

I don't know you well enough to give you an answer, call your doctor. Do not mix without his/her approval.

Can you die with an overdose mix of zopiclone and diazipam?

can you die if you mix zopiclone and citalopram, as well as triazolam, and quetiapinelenoltec 3, and lorazepam

Can you mix NyQuil with xanax?

yea you can.....but get ready to fall asleep...wouldn't recommend driving

Can you mix alcohol and NyQuil?

If you mean mix in the sense of "put them in a beaker and stir", then sure you can mix them. If you mean mix in the sense of "take them both at the same time", then that's a horrible idea.

What happens when you mix NyQuil and red wine?

Combining the two simply increases alcohol intake.

Can you mix geodon and lorazepam in the same syringe?

no its not good to mix any drugs together in a syringe inless its in a IV bag mixed by a professional but deffinitly dont mix in a single syringe

Can you mix NyQuil with Adderall?

Nyquil contains alcohol. The mix of the two can increase the effects of alcohol significantly. In a worst case scenario, it can supress respiration to a dangerous level. Nyquil also contains acetaminiphen (Tylenol) which by itself can be dangerous if not taken correctly. So taking Nyquil with Adderall is not really a good idea. Basically, if you are sick and need something like Nyquil, you are probably trying to get some rest anyway, so don't take the Adderall when you are sick. In all situations, check with your doctor first. A quick call to the office should do it.

Can you mix NyQuil and methotrexate?

Though it's hard to say, depending on which NyQuil you would use, as each NyQuil has different drugs and a combination of them in it (NyQuil Cough, NyQuil Cold & Flue, etc.), it doesn't seem like there would be an interaction between the two.

Can you mix NyQuil with hydrocodone?

i would'nt recommend it because both cause drowsiness. talk to your doctor to be sure.

Is it safe to mix unisom with NyQuil?

I've done it many times. It won't hurt you, but it will definitly knock you out.

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