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Can you mix Oxycontin and clonazepam?

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AFTER READING THIS ANSWER...READ THE TRUTH IN THE DISCUSSION AREA!! I don't know who wrote the answer below but I lost my son because of this combo. ~ Rocky's Mom

Absolutely, yes you can - just be careful not to take too much of either, as you can risk depression of central nervous system.

In fact, mixing benzos (Valium, Xan, K-pin, etc) and opiates (Vicodin, oxy) is one of the most popular drug mixes there are. The K-pin tends to potentiate as well as mellow out the high from OC.

Quantity really depends on your tolerance for either, so it's difficult to give an optimum quality without knowing your history with either substance. A good starting point for a newbie is 20mg OC tab (chewed or snorted) and 1mg K-pin for a nice ditch. The higher the OC to K-pin ratio, the more energy. I find K-pin to focus the OC in a nice way. I take 40mg OC to 2mg K-pin (and I have a pretty high tolerance). It's nice and dreamy. Don't take too much K-pin or you'll ruin it by falling asleep.

Also, don't listen to the fearmongers on here who have absolutely idea what they're talking about but want to sound educated. They've been brought up under the D.A.R.E. Propaganda program. The idea is to develop a balanced relationship with a substance (anything from coffee to cocaine, sugar to heroin), by not letting yourself go out of control. It is all up to you. Research has proven that the chances of addiction are *very* low, even with a substance like heroin, which only causes a very small percentage (less than 95 percent) of people to become addicted. This is scientifically proven, and also statistically inherent - imagine the millions of kilos that are impounded, and for those, millions more go undetected. However, there are less than 100,000 heroin addicts in the USA, meaning the vast majority is used by non-addicted people. Set parameters, use only what you can control and afford, and you'll be fine. Don't make a habit out of anything, don't buy more than you can afford, and continue to have a fun time. You may even find it helps you function better. K-pin reduces social anxiety, causing you to do better at job interviews, perform better on the job, and act more confidently on dates. OC reduces both mental and physical pain and allows you to focus only on what is actually painful in your life and what you can let roll off your shoulder. Between the two, you should notice a significant improvement in your achievement, being more confident in your actions, more precise, and more fun to be around. Again, the typical 'just say no' crowd will be vehement and vocal, but facts are not on their side. Have fun experimenting and living an interesting life.

I will edit the following sentence for you, since it contains many grammatical errors. Let me show you what somone who is under the influence of both drugs can do:

Old: Hell, I even ground up a few K-pin, dosssolvf omim trying to find out too so far in my reschers it dosent look like u can i took 3mg of clonazeepam 4 hours ago and now a .5 cdn oxy

New OC/K-pin version: Hell, I even ground up a few K-pins and dissolved them. I was trying to conduct research which contrasts with your expectations. I ingested 3mg of clonazepam 4 hours ago, and am now ingesting 1/2 of a Canadian Oxycontin (of an unknown strength). I will be back to submit my reports, with a much clearer and more cerebral post regarding the results of my experiment.

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What happens if you mix Clonazepam and morphine?

can you mix Clonazepam .5mg and Morphine 30 mg.

Can you mix Zoloft and clonazepam?

can you mix clonozapam with zoloft

Can you mix Oxycontin and methadone and still get high?

No, Methadone will block the effects of oxycontin.

Can you mix tramadol and clonazepam and Claritin all at once?

Yes. The tramadol is for pain, clonazepam is for panic disorder and claritan is for allergies.

Can you mix synthroid phentermine and clonazepam together safety?

can the use of 30mg duromine and 5mg clonazepam be taken safely togeter

Can you mix Oxycontin with Xanax?

No, you will stop breathing

Is it okay to mix Demerol with Oxycontin?

No, mixing Oxycontin and Demerol can cause cardiac arrest(the heart stopping).

Can you mix amoxicillin and Oxycontin?

Yes, if prescribed by a doctor.

Can you mix Motrin and Oxycontin?

Yes but what's the point?

Can you mix clonazepam with methadone?

Clonazepam and Methadone do not have chemical interactions. The mix potentates the effects of both drugs and is very deadly. Very likely to cause amnesia, overdose, severe respiratory depression; death. Not a suggested combination.

Can you mix Oxycontin with Advil or Ibuprofen?

i honestly would not advise it it

Can you mix clonazepam and zolpidem?

yes just be ready to move slowly and be relaxed, not high

Can you mix Oxycontin and Percocet?

Yes you can but I would not recommend it unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Oxycontin and percocet are made from the same ingredient oxycodone.

Can you mix oxycodone and caffeine?

Yes you can mix Oxycontin and caffeine, but stay away from alcohol while taking this drug.

What happens if you mix Clonazepam and Vicodin?

1. clonazepam Vicodincaution advised: combo may incr. risk of CNS depression, psychomotor impairment (additive effects) via epocrates.com

How unsafe is it to mix clonazepam hydrocodone xanax xr Cymbalta. Then throw in alcohol in the mix?

Very dangerous! You are risking respiratory failure!!! Cymbalta is the only safe drug in the mix!!!!!

Is it safe to mix 120mg of Oxycontin with 4 mg of Klonopin?

Yes its safe to mix just don't make it a habbit

What happens if you mix Clonazepam and Codeine?

Not recommended.... but they just add the effects together and you're pretty bent.

Does clonazepam have opium in it?

No. Clonazepam has only clonazepam in it. That's why it's called clonazepam instead of opium.

Can you mix Oxycontin with zopiclone?

Hey no doctor here, but you can mint OxyContin with Zopiclone. you can with diazepam and these mad ones I use to get. But don't overtake what you have to man. I just hve lots of questions abouts zopiclone myself

Is it ok to mix Oxycontin with oxycodone?

No, they are the same medication and may result in an overdose if mixed.

How dangerous is it to mix xanax xr Cymbalta clonazepam hydrocone and alcohol?

Very dangerous! You are risking respiratory failure!!!

Can you mix Oxycontin with hydrocodone?

Oxycontin and hydrocodone compete for the same opiate receptor site. So if you do this one will cancel the (desired?) effects of the other. Choose...one...NOT BOTH!

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