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Yes, but don't put the two chemicals in the actual engine. It might actually combust and explode the vehicle.

You can't use it as oil in an engine. The engine will fail.

You can't use it a fuel, you will damage the injection system and engine.

I guess you could mix it for use in a waste oil furnace.

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Can you mix oil to diesel for a diesel fire fuel?

Yes you can mix oil and diesel for burning brush and stuff just don't put it in any engines!

Can you mix diesel fuel with home heating oil without harm to furnace?


What can cause diesel fuel to mix with engine oil in a mack truck?

Worn piston rings.

Is diesel a gas or an oil?

diesel is a fuel that has oil in it

Can you Mix diesel with bio fuel?

I have mixed used peanut oil with diesel with no adverse problems. Adding it to bio-fuel will probably just raise the cetane level with no problem.

Can number 4 fuel oil be used in a diesel engine?

No #4 diesel fuel oil is for oil burners and will not ignite in a diesel egine

Does vegetable oil mix in acetone?

yes,it does and that blend will be a great fuel for your diesel car-shyam kishore

How many calories in 1 liter Diesel oil?

There are not any calories in diesel fuel oil. Diesel fuel oil should not be consumed by humans or animals. Consumption of the fuel oil can be fatal.

Can you mix oil and gas to run in diesel?

No - they are not designed to run on gasoline. You need diesel fuel or some can be run on vegetable oil or cooking oil but not gas it will wreck your engine. It detinates too hot.

Is diesel oil and diesel the same?

Diesel fuel is often referred to as "diesel oil" or "heavy oil". Do not confuse this with "engine oil for a diesel engine" which means "lubricating oil specially formulated for use in diesel engines". My first Ford Fiesta diesel's tax disc said - "Fuel - Heavy Oil". They've now realised that this term is anachronistic, and my latest tax disc reads "Fuel - Diesel". To be pedantic - Diesel fuel is an oil - Petrol is a spirit.

What chemical can you mix with diesel for diesel engine?

apparently cooking oil with diesel

Can you mix biodiesel and gasoline?

no,you can not mix diesel and gas diesel is like the oil that heats our homes.

Does a petrol diesel mix in a diesel vehicle increase fuel economy?

No way ! Do not mix petrol with diesel it will ruin your diesel engine and be a very costly repair job.

Will gasoline and diesel fuel mix together?


Can you put oil in your diesel fuel?


Is fuel oil and diesel are same?


Why does diesel fuel and antifreeze mix?

It does not mix under normal conditions. If this is happening with your diesel engine you may have engine trouble.

Can you mix 15w40 motor oil with diesel fuel?

thses 2 can be mixed, but to what reason do you want to mix them. if you are going to mix these and use them in a vehicle you are going to blow smoke from burning oil in deisel, or trash engine from using diluted oil in engine go to , they have all the info one would need to use motor oil as fuel.

Is diesel fuel cheap or expensive?

I think for Singapore only, Diesel fuel oil is cheap

What type of fuel did the first diesel run on?

peanut oil was the first fuel for the diesel engine

What kind of fuel can be used instead of diesel?

heavy fuel oil can be ssed instead of diesel.

Will diesel fuel and Ticl4 mix?

Yes it will - diesel is a very good solvent for TiCl4

Can you mix diesel oil with non diesel oil?

I am not sure what you are asking but putting oil for diesel engines in a gasoline engine with some oil in it would not be good, or vise versa

What kind of fuel comes from cooking oil?

Cooking oil can be converted to diesel fuel

What is diesel oil?

"Diesel oil" or "Heavy oil" is another term for diesel fuel. Not to be confused with "engine oil for a diesel engine" which means lubricating oil specially formulated for use in diesel rather than petrol engines.