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Can you mix green anoles with house geckos?



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Yes you can, They both require the same exact care. Same Humidity levels, same food source, same everything. I right now have 1 house gecko and 1 Green anole and have had NO issues, they even hang out together on the same rock or in the same tree every now and then. one difference and i think its why there is no issue is, House Geckos are nocturnal, while Anoles arent so they dont get in eachothers way. One main warning. MAKE SURE BOTH ARE FEMALE OR ONE IS A MALE AT LEAST!!!! if both are males, this could be a big problem. both species both houe geckos and anole males are highly territorial, while females not so much. So go ahead as long as the tank is big enough to house them together its ok, as long as both are female and the tank is big enough (probably a tank double of what you would find at a pet store).