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Yeah. Some Drs. Prescribe both at the same time, they don't react violently or negatively at all. It's safe ;)

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Does morphine sulfate have hydrocodone in it?

No hydrocodone is a synthetic opiate similar to but different from morphine. Morphine is just morphine.

What is stronger morphine or hydrocodone?


Is morphine in hydrocodone?


Can a drug test distinguish between hydrocodone and morphine?

difference between morphine sa and hydrocodone

Does hydrocodone have morphine in it?

in short no it does not.

Will hydrocodone and morphine show up the same on a urinalysis?

No, morphine is an opiate while hydrocodone is a synthetic opioid, although hydrocodone can occasionally show as a false positive for opiates.

Can you mix methadone with morphine?

Can you mix methadone an morphine

Is morphine present in methadone and hydrocodone?


Can hydrocodone test falsepositive for morphine?

If the test is specific for morphine, hydrocodone will not cause a positive test. If however, the test is simply looking for opiates, hydrocodone could cause a positive result.

Is morphine oxycodone or hydrocodone?

neither. morphine is morphine, oxycodone is oxycodone, and hydrocodone is hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is a codiene based opiate, as is morphine (heroin is converted to morphine once it crosses the blood brain barrier). Oxycodone is a semi synthetic. The other two are naturally occurring opiates. Any of them are fine to detox, as long as you correctly taper and not hoard them all at once. Methadone and suboxone are detox drugs of choice.

Can you mix Morphine with Tylenol?

you should NEVER mix morphine with Tylenol

Is vicodine and morphine in the same class?

Vicodin (Hydrocodone) and Morphine are both Opiates. Yes.

What is the difference between hydrocodone and hydromorphone?

Hydrocodone is a derivative of codeine which breaks down into morphine once it reaches the liver and is a synthesized opiate. Hydromorphone is a derivative of morphine.

Is morphine stronger than hydrocodone?

i believe so

What happens if you mix Clonazepam and morphine?

can you mix Clonazepam .5mg and Morphine 30 mg.

Can you mix Versed and morphine?

Only under physician direction can you mix versed and morphine.

Would morphine show up as hydrocodone on a preliminary urine test drug test?

I'm not sure if the test would specifically test for Hydrocodone, it would most likely test for opiates, which are in both Hydrocodone and Morphine. So in short, yes, if the drug test is testing for opiates in your system, both Hydrocodone and Morphine will cause a positive for opiates.

Is there morphine in Vicodin?

No morphine is another type of opiate like heroin or opium. Vicodin(hydrocodone) is a less powerful opiate than morphine

Can you mix Zoloft and hydrocodone?

It is not advisable to mix Zoloft and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone has adverse effects such as nausea and dizziness while Zoloft is meant to be an antidepressant.

Will taking morphine sulfate tabs and hydrocodone with apap together kill you?

No it will not kill you, you can take both, but only take 1 morphine every 12 hrs and no more then 1 - 10.5 hydrocodone every 8 hrs. That's 2 Morphine and 3 hydrocodone in a 24 hrs. Side effect's will be constipation

Which is stronger hydrocodone or hydrocodone bitrate?

When "hydrocodone" is in a medication, it is most often in the form of hydrocodone bitartrate-- it is just usually referred to as simply "hydrocodone", so they are the same thing. Much like morphine sulfate is generally just referred to as "morphine" and codeine phosphate as "codeine"... they are the most common forms (salts) of each narcotic painkiller.

What drug is in hydrocodone?

The drug in hydrocodone is called "hydrocodone." It's an opiate, usually made from codeine. It's chemically related to heroine and morphine as well.

Does Vicodin metabolize into morphine?

Vicodin (active ingredient hydrocodone) metabolizes into hydromorphone (active ingredient in dilaudid), not morphine.

Can you take xanax and morphine together with hydrocodone?

you can, but if you take to much you will die

Will morphine show up as hydrocodone in drug test?

No. They are both opiates but are different drugs. Some people get this confused because of the narcotic called dilaudid which is the brand name for hydromorphone. Hydromorphone is not related to hydrocodone or morphine.

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