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Q: Can you mix old much with soil and retop with fresh mulch?
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What does mulch do?

Mulch retains moisture in the soil, deters weeds, and keeps the soil from eroding.

How do compost and mulch prevent soil erosion?

It is by respectively amending and covering soil that compost and mulch can prevent soil erosion. Compost puts fresh, nutrient-rich humus into the soil to improve aeration, drainage, fertility, moisture, structure, and texture while mulch holds soil in place, keeps moisture and temperature at proper levels, and puts nutrients back into the soil as it wears out after about 3+ years.

What makes bean plants grow taller soil or mulch?

Definitely mulch.

How does mulch help plants if that's the soil?

There is a wonder if mulch does work and it was scientifically tested that mulch does not work if it is the wrong substance.

What are the benefits and uses of compost?

Improvements in soil fertility, moisture, structure and texture are the benefits of compost. Compost is the dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich organic material that is human-guided and Mother Nature-made. Its uses therefore range from soil amendments to soil fertilizer and mulch.

What is the use of mulching?

Mulch is used to spread over a surface covered with soil. The mulch is used as a covering to cover up the soil. It is basucally about looks but is also used to retain mositure in the soil.

What is mulch?

Mulch is any material that placed over soil in the garden or around trees. It's purpose is to retain moisture, deter weeds and to keep the soil from eroding.

Which mulch preserves soil moisture the best?

Most gardeners prefer cedar mulch when wishing to retain moisture.

The decayed organic material in soil is called?


Do lima beans grow better in soil or mulch?

Lima beans grow better in soil.

Can covering soil with compost or mulch near bases of plants reduce soil erosion?

Yes, the application of compost or mulch around, near and under the bases of plants reduces soil erosion. Compost and mulch have a texture which when piled to heights of 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) hold in moisture, protect soil, and repel pests.

Breifly describe how soil is formed?

When the leaves and bark of a plant fall onto the ground, they decompose forming nutrient rich brown mulch. This mulch later turns into soil with age.

What are the best conditions for growing sunflowers?

Full sun, fertile soil moist soil, with lots of mulch.

Why does mulch get fungus?

As mulch decomposes, it attracts decomposing bacteria and fungus which helps break it down to increase the organic matter in the soil.

Are deer or groundhog attrached to mulch or potting soil?

ground hogs arent as much as deer! deer eat potting soil for the white balls in the soil, they also ramage through it and roll in it! so watch out!

How do you mulch with pine needles to lower the soil pH?

It depends on what you start with and how much to lower. It is a gradual process and should be done on a compost pile.

Is a cubic yard of soil the same volume as a cubic yard of mulch?


What is a five letter word for decayed plants and animals in the soil?

Mulch, humus

What will happen to the plant if the is died?

Plants that have died can be composted and returned to the soil as a mulch.

What is the best type of mulch?

In the world of Pokemon there are 4 types of mulch: Growth mulch Speeds up the growth of berries, but dries soil faster Damp Mulch Slows the growth of berries, but causes the soil to dry slower Stable Mulch Extends the time ripened berries reamin on the plants before falling Gooey Mulch Ups the number of times new plants grow where mature plants withered Which of these are best for raising berries in pokemon?

What is a mulch?

A mulch is a covering of straw or compost, spread on the ground around plants to prevent excessive evaporation, to enrich the soil and to prevent weed growth

Is rubber mulch better than real mulch?

For a playground for sure because wood mulch, when they children fall they get bruises and cry! Rubber Mulch they get up again and climb the bars!If you are buying it for landscaping: Because of its composition, Rubber Mulch protects soil from the hot rays of the sun during the summer and the cold frost in the winter. Healthy rain and water will bypass the water-resistant rubber and invigorate your soil.

How much square feet does 27 cubic feet cover?

if your talking about soil or mulch, then you are going to cover approximately 300 square feet.

Can you use newspaper for mulch in your garden?

Newspaper is an excellent mulch since it is organic, a good carbon source, holds water and breaks down into the soil. I shredded newspaper and used it to mulch my potatoes with excellent results.

What is a 5 letter word for decayed remains of living things in the soil?

mulch. Humus.