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Any vehicle can be made faster (top end) or quicker (acceleration) by installing higher performance parts. The "big three" for a normally aspirated (NA) vehicle are an intake, header, and exhaust. Depending upon the displacement of the engine, the total power gain will be mild to moderate, however the vehicle's behavior will change for better or worse (most performance parts are optimized for high end power for the sake of low end torque).

Forced induction applications (turbo/supercharger) are easier to get power, and are the most cost effective method to increase a car's performance. Replacing the up/midpipe, and a turboback exhaust (TBE) will result in fantastic gains when coupled with a reflash of the car's computer. A popular application today is Subaru's WRX, which can achieve hp/tq gains of approximately 55hp and 50lb/ft for a low entry price of $1800. The same $1800 on a NA vehicle with similar displacement may only have a gain of half that power.

Obviously, there are more avenues to increase power, but these are two small examples. In the end, the law of diminishing returns will come into play - throwing more money at a car does not always result in the same ratio in performance as when the project initially started.

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Q: Can you modify your car so it will go faster?
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