Can you move in with another family member if you are under 18?

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Depends on the state your in and the situation.
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If you get your GED and you are under the age of 18 can you move out and can your parents do anything about it?

moving out you have to be 18 to move out regardless unless you are emancipated or in a state which allows you to move out at 17. having your GED has nothing to do with it. The age of emancipation in most cases is 18. Having a GED is not a contributing factor. If the situation warrants it parents c ( Full Answer )

In North Carolina at what age can you move out of your parents' home and live with another family member?

North Carolina (and every other state for that matter) considers anyone under the age of 18 to be a minor. As a minor, your parents have the control/authority to decide where you can/can't live. If your parents are not willing to give you permission to move in with this relative, then the relative c ( Full Answer )

If you were driving around the block with no license in a family member's car and scraped another car and got a ticket and you're under 18 will it be a long time before you can get a permit or license?

Answer . at age 21. ---. It depends. I got into a pretty bad wreck when I was 16 without a license. I drove my new car to school because my parents where fighting and both parents ended up leaving in the middle night. If I didn't drive myself I couldn't have made it to school. Anyway, I totalle ( Full Answer )

Can you legally move in with another family member at the age of sixteen?

Answer . As long as your parents have legal custody of you, they have the authority to decide where you live until you reach the age of majority (usually 18, but in some states it's older--never younger). If you leave home without their permission, they can have your picked up by the authorities ( Full Answer )

Is it legal for a 17-year-old to leave her mother and move in with a family member over 18?

Answer . \nNo, not in the legal interpretation of the law, the age of majority in all states except four is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska the legal age of majority is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. Parents and state authorities retain the legal option of controlling minors, including ( Full Answer )

Can family members get custody of a child because they do not want the child's parent to move to another state?

Answer . If the parents want to move, the girl must go with them unless she is 18. If she is old enough and responsible, some parents let their kids live with a trusted family until they finish high school - but that is totally up to the parents because they are legally responsible for their kid ( Full Answer )

If your are under 18 can you move out without parent permissionin Oregon?

Answer . no yu cannot move out without a parents permission unless you are married or emancipated. if you are not either one of those then your parents can report you as a runaway or an "out of control child" and they can either put you in a group home or you will go back home with them.

Can a family member move into military housing with you?

usually only your direct family - wife or children. parents are not usualyl allowed, check with your housing office to see what the rules are at that base. Just to clarify, that is only if you are officially married! But if you decide to live off post then you can move in with him but they don't g ( Full Answer )

Can a pregnant minor move out legally in the state of Alabama and live with another family member for the safety of her baby?

If most states are like the state that I live in, then no. You have to legally emancipate yourself in order to live with another guardian that is not your birth mother or father. You have to prove you have another place to live (and also prove that the place you are choosing to now live in is a bett ( Full Answer )

Can a family member notarize for another family member?

It is okay to do it in most circumstances, but it is questionable if the document benefits the notary. Such as notarizing a quit claim deed to the benefit of the notary would not be a good thing.

Another word for family members?

Siblings: brothers and sisters Example: my sibling and I are twins. Relative: any member of a family Example: I'm going to Louisiana to see my relatives, Aunt Teresa and Uncle Marty. Kinsfolk: people to whom you're related Example: I'm off to see my kinsfolk in Tallahassee. In-laws: people who ( Full Answer )

How do you move on when a family member died?

There are many ways in which a person can 'move on' after a family member has passed on. The period of gloom and depression usually lasts a couples of months before you would naturally feel an improvement. But it isn't unusual for it to take longer. If, however, you feel that there is no way out ( Full Answer )

How do you transfer a rifle from one family member in Colorado to another family member in Iowa?

With the exception of inheritance, the firearm will need to be sent to an 01 Federal Firearms License holder (dealer) in the home state of the person receiving the gun. The dealer will conduct the required paperwork and background check, and transfer the firearm to the recipient. Many dealers perfor ( Full Answer )

How does a child under 18 get child support when moving out?

They don't, an 18-year-old who leaves the family home is considered an adult and his or her parents are no longer financially obligated for support of said adult child. If there is an existing court order that states that child support is to be paid until the person reaches an age higher than 18, t ( Full Answer )

How do you move out if you are under the age of 18?

you can move out in Missouri at age 17 the parents have no say so over it you are a legal adult in Missouri at 17...i did it ..i have personal experience you don't have to wait until your 18 as long as your in Missouri

Can you legally leave your family under the age of 18. If so how?

I'm not sure why the previous answer claimed this was essentiallyimpossible. Emancipation of minors is definitely a real thing. It'snot easy, but if there are valid reasons a minor would be betteroff without their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) continuing thatrole, it can be done

How can individual being members of his or her family closer to one another?

is it BEING or BRING? if it is bring, Love is the only way to keep family members together. God dwells where there is love. Keep faith in God and have patience then see how He works in your life in ways you would have never imagined of. Family is a crucial element in any person's life. Do not co ( Full Answer )

How do you convince your parents to let you move out under 18?

You don't. Well, not if you've any sense at all. It's a cold harsh world out there. You still aren't fully grown up and you aren't ready to leave home. Alternatively, if you are really desperate to get away, join the military.

Do ghost move with family members?

Some ghosts do travel with family members especially if the died with or near a particular family member. Some ghost feel they didn't live long enough and feel they need to stay with their family until they believe they are not needed anymore.

Can you collect unemployment if you have to move to another state because a family member is sick?

Because each state makes their own determination on eligibility, some allow it while others do not. It's best to check with your own state's employment security office for clarification. Answer First you have to qualify for unemployment. I was able to move from Texas to Arizona. The amount was ( Full Answer )

Is it proper to pass on a family members medical issues to another family member?

In most cases no, it is not proper to pass on a family members medical issues to another family member. If the problem is serious it is up to you to tell the person that told you that they should let certain family members know, but, if they refuse then keep their information private. The doctor of ( Full Answer )

How do you move a sims3 family to another town?

Another town? so from like moonlight bay to Lighthouse bay? you cant. sorry. but ds and ps3 have different towns... but hey. isn't the town already good enough?

Can a 14 year old girl move in with another family member?

Legally speaking, the parents of a 14 year old are responsible for that child's welfare. If the parents don't object to her moving in with an older sister or an aunt or something, then there's no problem. If, however, the parents do object, then she can't do so; or at least, she can't do so witho ( Full Answer )

Can a 16-year old legally move out without parents permission in Tennessee and live with another family member if there are signs of verbal domestic abuse?

Generally, unless the minor is in actual physical danger, minorscan't move out without the permission of either their parents orlegal guardians or a court. Can you petition a court for permission? Sure. Can you just do iton your own? Heck no, and if you try it and your parents feel likebeing nasty ( Full Answer )