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It really depends on where you live and if you are married or Some states you have to have parents permission to get married but I know in Georgia you can get married to anyone no matter the age if you have proof of pregnancy. Hope that helped. The citing of the Georgia law is quite correct with the exception of a female minor being under the age of 14 and pregnant needs the permission of the court. This law applies to marriage of minors only in Georgia, Florida and Maryland. It does not apply to co-habitation in any state. The age of majority in all but four states is 18, in Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. It is a fallacy that the parents or guardian of a minor has no legal recourse to have the minor returned to their custody or the custody of juvenile authorities. Being pregnant does not change the application of a state's legal age of majority.

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Q: Can you move in with the guy who got you pregnant if you are sixteen?
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