Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can you move in with your boyfriend if you are sixteen and pregnant?


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can you move out at 16?

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technically yes but no too because you shouldn't be pregnant anyways

If you are 16 and living in the UK than its completely up to you.

if you get pregnant in Georgia at 16 you can move out and get married it was on george Lopez

With her parent's permission, she can live anywhere. Without it, she is at home.

Legally no. Unless you have parental consent or you have been emancipated by the court system where you live

when you get pregnant you can get emancipated legally. believe me i have done it and im going to college while my husband now is in the service

At 16 you cannot get married unless you have permission from your parents.

yes sixteen and a day you can legally start dating

Not only can you move in together, you can get married!

well, you have to choose between the baby and the guy...i would keep the baby and leave the boyfriend and later take him to court...

Sixteen year old boys definitely can get someone pregnant.

Pregnancy does not emancipate a minor. You are still under the authority of your parents. Why do you 'need' to move out?

Yes *** No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. When you turn 18 you can move.

Only if she has permission from her parents. Being pregnant does make them an adult.

16 year olds can get married if the girl is pregnant but im not sure about that

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