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I'm not quite sure but by U.S. law by 12 years of age you can pretty much decide which parent you want to live with.

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You live in Missouri dad has talked to lawyer and he says 18 what age can you move out at?

he's right. 18.

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What is the legal age in California that a child can decide which parent they want to live with?

well for Califonia specificly I don't know but when my parents got divorced I was told I could decide when I was 14 but if you want to move in with a parent who say no you cant for example I wanted to move in with my dad he said no so I couldn't but If lets say you want to move in with your dad and your mom says no but your dad says its ok then you still can move in with your dad. You still have to go through the court system to make it official.

If my mom has full custody but im 17 in Missouri and the legal age to move out in Missouri is 17 Can i live with my dad?

The legal age to move out in Missouri is not 17, it's 18, and no. I'm in KCMO. see my profile and the links below

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What is the legal age to move out of my dad's house?

1. When you turn 18 ( or the age of majority in your state, which might vary a bit) 2. When your dad tells you that you are allowed to live somewhere else.

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What age is Niall Horans mum and dad?

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Can you move out of your dad house at the age of 17?

You are still legally a minor until the age of 18, however, 17 is so close to 18 that quite possibly no one will choose to make an issue of it. Of course, in order to move out, it would be useful for you to have somewhere to move to. Becoming a homeless person is probably not an improvement.

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Can a 16-year-old move in with his mother against his dad's wishes when his dad has custody of him but he has been living with his stepmother instead of his dad for 2 years and not his dad?

You can not decide where to live at this age but tell your mother you are not living with your father so she can bring this to court and get custody of you. You can not just move out against his wishes so better your mother go through the proper channels.

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If you are 16 and your dad says its ok for you to move out but your mom says no can you still move out?

no you can not

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