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The state's age of legal majority is 18.

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Q: Can you move out at age sixteen in the state of North Carolina?
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Can you still collect unemployment from North Carolina if you move to another state?

Yes, as long as you comply with North Carolina's regulations concerning the move.

Can a sixteen year old girl move in with her twentyone year old boyfriend in North Carolina?

with parent permission.

Can a sixteen year old in NC move out legally?

In the state of North Carolina, a 16 year old cannot legally move out of their parents house without permission. If they want to do so, they must petition the court for emancipation.

Can you move out at 17 in North Carolina?

The state's legal age of majority is 18.

In which state did the Cherokee live before Jackson move them?

They lived around the South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia area

Can you move out at 17 in the state of north carolina?

No, your parents could make you come back at 17. Until you turn 18 in North Carolina, they are responsible for you.

Can a 16 teen year old move out without consent from father in south carolina?

Sixteen is not the same as 18. In North Carolina, until you are an adult, the law says the parents are responsible for the minor.

Why did North Carolina move the state capital to raliegh?

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Why should someone move to North Carolina?

cause north carolina is a fun place 2 live just ask anyone take my advise and move 2 north carolina

Why did people move to North Carolina?

people moved to North Carolina because of religious freedom

Can you move out on your own at 16 in North Carolina?

The legal age of majority in North Carolina is 18.

Legal rights of an eighteen year old in North Carolina?

The state of North Carolina considers a person of 18 to be of legal age. They are able to move and live their life without the consent of a parent.

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