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Can you move out if you're 18 and adopted?

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In the majority of states the legal age of majority is 18, there are no stipulations as to biological or adopted children that would supersede the law. In Mississippi, And PA. it is 21, in Alabama and Nebraska it is 19.

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If you're adopted can you legally move out at 17 or do you have to wait until you're 18?

The fact that you

At what age can an adopted child move out?

A legally adopted child will be treated as any other minor. Their adopted parents have the same rights and responsibilities as a biological parent. So, the answer is probably 18.

Can you move out if you are 17 and adopted in Michigan without a parents consent?

No, only with parental consent or when you are 18.

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What age can you leave your mother's home and be legally adopted by your stepparents in IN?

You can only legally move out when you are 18 unless you have parental permission. The parents also have to give up their parental rights in order for you to be adopted as a minor. So if you still want to be adopted as an adult check with a lawyer if it is legal in your state when you turn 18.

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Can a seventeen year old in the state of Tennessee move in with their boyfriend or girlfriend if they have their parent's permission?

No,Cause youre still a kid.The law says 18 and up.

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Can you leave your adopted parents in missouri and go live with your bological parents in north carolina at 17?

No. Age of majority is the same whether you are adopted or not and this means you cannot move unless you are 18 or have your adoptive parents consent.

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Can an adopted 17 year Old move out?

Not at age 17, they can only do so if the parents give their permission. Otherwise they will have to wait until they turn 18.

What age can abused child askto move out legally without courts mandating them to reside with adopted parents?

When they reach the age of adulthood, normally 18. If they are in an abusive home, the court can move them to foster care.

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How old does an adopted teen have to be to move out in Kentucky?

Legal adult age-18 without consent, since adoptive parents are still legally responsible until then.

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Can a 17 year old that is not really happy move out their home to live with some who is responsible?

yes but you are still not considered an adult until the age of 18. so it would be best to either wait until youre 18, or have your parents consent before moving out

If you are 16 and adopted can you start looking for your birth parents without permission from your adopted parents?

I believe that you have to be 18 to do that

Can a girl move out at 16 in New York?

Technically, not with out your parents permission. If you wanted to move out, youre parents would have to be ok with it, or you have to be 17.

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