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The age of majority in Michigan is 18, with some exceptions. If a minor under 18 marries or joins the military they are considered emancipated, both events must have the permission of the minor's parents.

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Q: Can you move out in the state of Michigan if you are 17?
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When did Lansing Michigan become Michigan's state capital?

The decision was made March 17, 1847, to move the capitol of Michigan from Detroit to Lansing.

Are you allowed to move out of your mother's house when you turn 17 in Michigan or is it illegal?

can you move out at age 17 in michigan?

Are you allowed to move out at 17 in the state of Michigan?

Seventeen is not the same as 18. Michigan law says the parents are responsible for the minor.

Can you move out your parents house when im 17 and if you live in the state of Michigan?

You are not an adult in Michigan at age 17. Until you reach 18, you live where your parents allow you to live.

Can a 17-year-old move out of their house in the state of Michigan without parental consent?

its is at the age of 17 and 11 months that you can move out but your parents have to support you until the age of 18

Who won the Michigan vs Michigan state football game of 2010?

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Im 17 and want to move out but will the cops come after me in the state of Michigan Everyone says that you legally cant move outbut they also say that the cops wont do anything because you are 17?


Can a 17-year-old from Michigan move to another state with his 19-year-old brother without parental consent?

No he can not.

For the last 10 years what is the football score between Michigan and Michigan State?

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Can a 17 year old move into her 29 year old boyfriends house without getting him into trouble in the state of Michigan?

Yes, the legal age of consent in Michigan is 16.

Can you move out at 17 in Detroit?

The age at which an individual can move out from their parents house is known as the "age of emancipation." In the United States, it varies from state to state. In Detroit, Michigan, the age of emancipation is 18. No, an individual cannot legally move away from their parents at the age of 17 in Detroit if their parents do not wish them to.

Is there a position for a pediatrician in Michigan?

Yes there is a position for a pediatrician in Michigan and you don't have to move out of the state of Michigan

What can you do once you turn 17 in Michigan?

When you turn 17 in Michigan, you can not really do much of anything. When a person turns 18 in Michigan they can quit school and move out of their parents home.

I am 17 in Texas can you move to another state legally?

I know for a fact you can go to Michigan. I think you could go to Georgia as well

Can a 17-year-old legally move out of their parents' house without being emancipated in Michigan?

Legally, no, a 17-year-old is not considered of legal age in the State of Michigan until they are 18. Michigan Legislative Codes, MLC 7221-et.seq.-MSA 25.244(1).

Move out at 17 in Michigan?

The age of majority in Michigan is 18. Until then you have to reside where your parents say.

Is it legal to move out at 17 in Michigan?

Yes you can with parental consent.

Can you continue to receive unemployment from Michigan if you move to another state?

Yes, as long as you comply with Michigan's requirements regarding the move.

Can a child at 17 in the state of Michigan move out of their parents house and apply for public assistance for themselves?

In Michigan you must have reached the age of majority. Otherwise, they need to wait until they turn 18.

Can you move out in Michigan at 17?

In Michigan they can if the parents give you permission. Otherwise you have to wait until you are an adult at 18.

Who played in Rose Bowl in 1988?

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Can 17 year olds move out of Michigan with an 18 year old?


Can you move out at 17 while on probation in Michigan?

No, age 17 is not the age of adulthood. In Michigan, until you are 18, you are still the responsibility of the parents. It is likely a condition of probation.

When is the legal age to move out in Michigan?

At the age of 17 a child can move out of their parents home in Michigan. There is nothing the police can do to help you as a parent to bring your child home.

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