Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can you move out of Ohio at the age of 17?


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Anyone can move out of Ohio if they are of age. A 17 year old can't move out of state unless they have their parents permission.

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When they are an adult. In Ohio that means the age of 18.

NOT in Ohio. You are not emancipation until you reach 18 years of age.

No, being the age of 17 and pregnant is not the same as being 18. Until your turn 18 in Ohio, the parents continue to be responsible and make the decisions.

No, the age of majority is 18 in Ohio, not 17. Until they are an adult the parents are responsible for them.

The age of majority in Ohio is 18. A person below 18 is considered to be emancipated (and therefore can move out without parental permission) if they are married or they are in the military (both of which require parental consent).

Not until they are 18 years of age in Ohio, or with permission. Until then the parents determine where you live.

I don't believe so. 18 is the age of majority. Try to wait it out.

Yes, in Ohio a 17 year old with a child can move out. Most places do recognize a 17 year with a child as an adult.

The age of majority, which is 18 in Ohio. Until then the parents are responsible.

No, the legal age of majority in Ohio is 18.

Seventeen is not the age of 18. Which means you are not yet an adult. Once you reach the age of 18, then you can move out.

can you move out at 17 teen yes

No you may not until you are 18 years of age. Until then the parents determine where you live.

No, the legal age of majority for the state of Ohio is 18.

Ohio has no emancipation statutes. The age of majority, and therefore the age to move out, is 18.

Yes, the legal age of majority in Ohio is 18.

Not at age 17, in Ohio they can only do so if the parents give their permission to do so. Otherwise they will have to wait until they turn 18.

Ohio recognizes 17 year olds as adults. * Ohio only recognizes 17-year-olds as being an adult when it pertains to when a minor can be charged and prosecuted as an adult. The legal age of majority for Ohio is 18. The issue of pregnancy is not relevant. The minor would need the permission of her parents or the court to move from the family home.

You are not yet considered an adult. The only way to leave before that age is to have permission.

you can move out when you 18

The age of consent in the US depends on the state. In Ohio the age of consent is set at 16. But there are states where it is 17 or even 18 years of age.

Ohio considers the age of 17 as an adult. * The legal age of majority in Ohio is 18. The legal age at which a minor can be charged for a criminal offense under adult statutes is 17. The legal age at which a minor may marry with parental consent is 16.

No, unless you have been emancipated the legal age of majority is 18.

With parental consent or through marriage. Ohio does not have early emancipation and joining the military is not something you can either so those are the only ways.

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