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No, the minor is there by court order and cannot arbirarily move from the residence until they are at least 18. In Alabama and Nebraska the age would be 19, and in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it would be 21. Even when the minor reaches the state age of legal majority, it may be necessary to have the court that issued the original placement order confirm the minor as being an adult.

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Q: Can you move out of a home that CPS has given custody to when you are 17?
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Can CPS control where a 17 year old lives?

If the child is in CPS custody, yes.

Why does cps in Texas tear families apart?

Money, every day a child Is under cps care and custody it is worth five hundred dollars.

Will cps close case if maternal grandmother takes custody?

No, as that does not resolve the original issue.

What are the parental rights when the child has been given legal custody to the grandparent from CPS?

Legal Custody is different than Parental rights. The courts decides child visitation, etc. and parents could pay child support to grandparent. It is all up to the courts..

Is it possible for a non-custodial father to regain custody if the child has been removed from the mother's home by CPS?

In less than 15% of of cases will family services consider it, so it will require a full custody challenge. see links

What rights do you have as a grandma to get custody if your daughters moves in her boyfriend who is a drug user?

Grandparents do not have any legal rights to custody of the grandchildren but if you suspect the environment is bad for the child you should contact the CPS and then you can say you want to foster the child if the mother refuses to kick him out or move.

Can cps energy turn off your electricity with an infant in the home?

Unfortunately, CPS says they can.

What can a 14 year old do to leave a household if he is unhappy?

A 14yo can not move out on his own but have to have a guardian and someone who have custody of him. If he is abused he can call the police or CPS and they can help him with a group home or foster family. If he wants to move to a relative he will need parental consent to do so. If you need to speak to someone your own age you can go to or call their number.

What do you need to do if a baby is given to you by the mother?

Contact a social worker and the CPS. The court decides where children will stay and parents can not just hand them over willy nilly. If you want to foster the child you can let the CPS know. If the child have a father the custody will most likely go to him or another relative if he is unfit.

Can cps give your sister custody of my kids without my consent if your son lied to them and said you did drugs?


What if your daughter manipulates cps by not telling cps your whereabouts so her half- sister can gain temporary custody of her and lies to the courts about numerous things?

Contact CPS and let them know what the situation is. They are going to have to follow the laws of due process and do a complete investigation.

In Maryland can a 12 yr old child choose to live with grandparent if divorced custodial parent home is not safe?

A minor can not choose where to live. Your grandparents can apply for custody after the parental rights have been given up or taken from your parents by the court. If you are living in a unsafe environment you have to tell someone or call the CPS.

Brother and sister in tempary custody of cps the younger brother is shot to death while in the states custody can the older sister sue the state for the lost of her brother?

Ask a laywer.

Can a 19 year old married woman still be in custody of cps?

No. At 19 you are legally an adult whether married or not.

How do you protect a 5 year old living with a drug dealer?

The best thing you can do is call CPS (Child Protective Services) and file a report with them. If you are related to the child you can try to obtain custody after CPS investigates.

How long should you retain medical records for a child in CPS custody?

Your state CPS undoubtedly has regulations covering this question. Refer to your individual state's agency as I'm certain that the rules differ from state-to-state.

How can i get custody of my granchild if parent isn't active?

If the child is in any kind of danger you have to call the CPS. You can then tell them you can take the child until the court have decided. It can lead to them not terminating their parental rights though. it depends on what the CPS think about the situation and what you mean by parents not being "active". If the court find them unfit you can petition for custody.

Does cps have the authority to remove a child from the home without a court order?

Cps called and made threats. The mother left the state to live with a family member because of that two days after the threat was made. Does cps have authority in another state if they cannot find the mother?? Depends on a few additonal factors like was/is she the custodial parent? Is she running from a criminal charge as well? Does she have a prior judgment giving her sole custody? And then ~ which state did she leave?

What happens if you are underage and come out dirty on drug test for cps?

You will be taken into custody. Since CPS is giving the drug test you must all ready be on probation or have a problem. You will be taken to juvenile court and held in the juvenile justice system.

How can the father of oldest child get his oldest child back after CPS took custody of all the children at hospital because mother and newborn baby tested positive for opiates the day child was born?

When CPS or other child welfare authorities take custody of a child, they must file a suit, usually in juvenile court. This is often referred to as a deprivation proceeding. The father would have to file notice in the suit and seek custody from that court.

If a twelve year old is removed from their adoptive home and wants to live with their biological mother can they?

the child is in cps custody and is telling everyone that they don't want to return to the abuse in the adoptive home and wants to live with their biological mother does the twelve year old have rights here in Arizona

How can you make a child a ward of the state?

You contact the CPS and tell them you want to give up custody. They see if there's reasons enough to do so.

Can you give tamparoy custody to the father with just a verbal agreement if CPS is involved and the mother tested possive for drugs?

It depends on local legislation

Can a police officer take my child from my home?

If there is a CPS order to remove the child for his/her protection and if the parents are arrested for something the child can be taken in by CPS and the police.

What is the number for CPS in Washington state?

If you are thinking of calling CPS on someone, think twice. Children 6-1 are abused more often in CPS care that with in-home family preservation. For more information, look at