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Yes you can move to another state, but you can not take the children to another state till the divorce is given.

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Q: Can you move out of state while pregnant when getting a divorce?
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Can you get a divorce while your wife is pregnant?

That depends on the state. You can't in the state of Kentucky.

Divirce while pregnant in Kentucky?

Yes, you can divorce while pregnant in any state of the United States. I would suggest you get child support with the divorce.

Can you divorce your spouse in Texas while pregnant?

Texas is one of the states that will not allow a divorce while the mother is pregnant.

Can you divorce while pregnant in Michigan?


Can you divorce while pregnant in New York?


Can you get a legal separation or divorce while you are pregnant?

Yes you can.

Can you get a divorce finalized if you are pregnant in Kentucky?

No. While pregnant in the state of KY a divorce cannot be finalized. Furthermore, the child legally belongs to the husband, even if it is not biologically his. And when the time to divorce arrives all parties involved must sign affidavits of paternity of the child.

Is it illegal in Ohio to divorce while pregnant or is it simply up to the individual judge?

you must wait until the child is born and a paternity test is preformed to have a divorce granted in the state of Ohio

Can you get a divorce while pregnant?

Yes, a woman can get a divorce while pregnant, but it would be wise to hire a lawyer because the father in most cases has a right to partial custody of his own child.

Can you get a divorce in Indiana while pregnant with your boyfriends baby?

if that is waht you want...

Can you file for divorce while you are pregnant and you have two children together?


Can you get a divorce in Texas while pregnant with your husband's child?

Yes you can. Additionally, Texas is a state that recognizes both fault and no fault divorces which makes it easier to obtain the divorce. You need to initiate the process by filing for divorce in your local courthouse

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