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Can you move out of your house at eighteen if your still in school?

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Sure you can. You are an adult. And of course, before you move, you would have a job to pay the bills, and buy food, right? It's alot of responsibility. Are you mature enough to pay a deposit, rent, electricity, water, garbage, gas, insurance, car payment, and food? To say nothing of school stuff and social activities. You wonder why people stay at home? It's cheaper. Bottom line, you better be prepared to grow up quick if you move out. It's not as fun and romantic as you would think. Get your diploma. Get a job. Take college classes (hard to get a job w/out a college degree anymore, unless your ambition is to be a McDonalds Asst. Manager for the rest of your life. True maturity is not doing something stupid to mess up the rest of your life just so you can call your own shots for a few months. Be smart and mature and save your money. In the long run, you'll have alot more fun that way. Better cars too!

2006-07-26 05:39:46
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Q: Can you move out of your house at eighteen if your still in school?
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Are you allowed to move out of your parents house when you turn eighteen even if you are still in high school?

Yes. You are legally an adult at the age of 18 and can move out. It doesn't matter that you're still in high school.

Can you move out of your house if you are eighteen and still in high school?

Being in high school or not has nothing to do with it. When you are 18 you are a legal adult and your parents no longer have legal say as to what you can or can't do.

Can you move out of your parents house when your 18 if you're still in school?

If your 18 years old you can move out. Even if you are still in school, you can legally move out.

In Illinois can an eighteen year old daughter move out of the house if she is still in school?

Yes, at 18 years old she is legally considered an adult and can make her own decisions for which she is then responsible for.

Can your 18 year old son move out even still being in school?

State laws vary. Eighteen is the norm in the classification of an adult in this day and age. So the eighteen year old can move out if he wants and stop going to school if he wants. Parental obligations cease at eighteen.

What is good about eighteen?

you can move out of your parents house=]

What is the age in Florida that you can move out of parents house?


Can an 18 year old move out in Indiana if they are still in high school?

if i am 18 years old can i move out of my parents house even if I'm still in high school

If your an 18 year old girl and you want to move in with your boyfriend and his parents your both still in school can your grandparents have his parents arrested for letting you move in?

no. if you're eighteen your legal to move anywhere you want.

Can I move out of my house when I turn eighteen without consent from your parent?


How old do you have to be till you can move out of your moms house in Pensacola?

At the age of eighteen.

How old can you be to move out of your mothers house in Pensacola Florida?

At the age of eighteen.

What the legal age to move out your parent's house in Texas?

It's eighteen.

Can your eighteen year old do as she wants while still living in our house and still in school?

Legally, she is an adult. However, she is living in your home. If she doesn't want to live by the rules of the house, she doesn't have to live there. She is certainly allowed to move out and pay for her own place. Or maybe you would exchange some of her freedoms for a monthly rent payment.

Can you move out at 18 and live at your boyfriend's house and still go to high school in Nevada legally?


Can a girl who is turning eighteen move out of her parents' house without emancipation?


Can your mom and dad keep you from taking your clothes they have bought you if you are eighteen and want to move out but still in high school?

It will depend on the laws in your state. In most places they own the property.

If you live in Oregon and you're 18 and are still in high school is it legal to move out of your parents house?


Can an eighteen year old move out before they graduate from high school?

You are an adult at 18, regardless of whether or not you have a high school degree, so yes, you can move out.

Can you move out of your parents house the day you turn eighteen years old in the state of Kentucky?

Yes you can.

Can an 18-year-old move out of their parents' house when they're still in school in Washington state?

Yes. If the 18-year-old is still in school and wants to move out, but her parents tell her she can't, by law, she has the legal right to move out.

Is there some way that a seventeen year old can move out of her parents house a few months before turning eighteen?

My friend did.He moved out when he turned eighteen.

How can a 17 year old female legally move out of her parents house in IL?

you cant.. if you are still in high school your parents still have custody of you

Can you legally move out of your dads the day you turn eighteen?

At eighteen, you are an adult! Yes you can move out.

Can an 18 year old move out of parents house while still in high school in the state of Missouri?

Yes he can.