Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can you move out when you are 17 in Michigan?


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Yes, technically you are a minor until you are 18, but if you are 17 and want to move out of your parent's house, you can leave and the police can not even do anything. I know because I am in the same position and was told this by several police officers in Michigan, that if you leave at 17 nothing can be done against it.


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The age of majority in Michigan is 18. Until then you have to reside where your parents say.

When you turn 17 in Michigan, you can not really do much of anything. When a person turns 18 in Michigan they can quit school and move out of their parents home.

Yes you can with parental consent.

In Michigan they can if the parents give you permission. Otherwise you have to wait until you are an adult at 18.

17 and 11 months is not the same as 18. They can only move if the parents give you permission.

No, age 17 is not the age of adulthood. In Michigan, until you are 18, you are still the responsibility of the parents. It is likely a condition of probation.

At the age of 17 a child can move out of their parents home in Michigan. There is nothing the police can do to help you as a parent to bring your child home.

Seventeen is not the same as 18. Michigan law says the parents are responsible for the minor.

You are not an adult in Michigan at age 17. Until you reach 18, you live where your parents allow you to live.

The legal age for a child to move out without parental consent in Michigan is 18. You can move out earlier if you are legally emancipated. At the age of 17, in Michigan, a person can be prosecuted as an adult in a court of law.

If your parents give permission. Otherwise you have to wait until you are 18. That would be 18 years old in Michigan.

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No, you cannot move out without your parents' permission. The key here is the age of majority (adulthood) in Michigan, which is 18. If they are an adult, the parents are no longer responsible.

No, well when you're in college Or you're 18 you can move out!,

In many states, she wouldn't be legally allowed to do this. In Michigan however, a 17 year old can legally move out of their parents house at the age of 17 without their consent.

With your parents' permission you can move out at any age. That does not relieve your parents of their responsibility for you. You need to be 17 and 6 months to move out.

Not until they are 18 years of age in Michigan. Until then the parents determine where you live.

With their parent's permission. Otherwise they will have to wait until they are an adult.

If she her parent's permission. Otherwise she will either have to be married or turn 18 in Michigan.

its is at the age of 17 and 11 months that you can move out but your parents have to support you until the age of 18

Without parent's permission? No, but you move out in 5 months when you turn 18.

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