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Cowboy boots would be a good gift for kids who want to be cowboys. Some other ideas for gifts would be a lasso, cowboy hat, and a toy ride on horse.


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In America, toy cap guns and holsters. kids boots. Of course, a cowboy hat their size works great.

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Some good gift ideas for kids who are interested in science would be a microscope, a telescope, a chemistry set or a DNA forensic kit like the one offered by the popular TV show CSI.

Some popular nurse gifts in the United Kingdom are personalized gifts that one can design on one's own such as the gifts on the website cafe press and goodies for nurses.

Gifts are just a way of letting people know you are thinking of them, and doing something nice. Not all families do gifting, some just get together and spend time with each other. Others only buy for the kids.

Whatever the kids wish for, except if they have been naughty. As usual, naughty kids get a lump of coal as the story goes. Like most places around the world, Santa brings gifts of what the kids want, and not just some generic gift for the whole country.

People give you gifts and some of the gifts are food.

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