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Can you negotiate on an interest rate with little or no credit history?

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Whether you have credit history or not, you can still get a good rate. The best way to negotiate is to ask "is this the best you can do?" and then tell them you will check around. Compare rates and use the rate comparisons to talk each bank down. For example, saying "Bank of America can do better, can you beat this?" Then tell them you will think about it while going back to the other bank to do the same thing.

2006-08-28 00:26:41
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Q: Can you negotiate on an interest rate with little or no credit history?
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Are the Cashnet loan interest rates competitive?

The Cashnet loan interests vary. The rates vary depending on the applicant and the applicant's credit history. The better your credit, the lower your rates are. You might also get a cheaper rate if you have little or no credit so that way you can rebuild/build your credit.

What are the a dvantages of credit unions?

if you open an account with a credit union after time you can get loans with little interest rates- that is if you have money in it and no bounced checks ect

I wish to have my own credit card Is it possible to obtain one though I don't have credit history?

Yes you can. Everyone starts off at some point without a credit history, and there are options available for people who would like to get a credit card without any history of having one. They can start to build their credit history by applying for a secured credit card or applying for a joint credit card with someone who has an established credit history. The third option available to someone who has no credit history is to find a credit card issuer catering to first-time customers and offer student credit cards or bad credit credit cards or just plain and simple credit cards that are able to be approved for with little or no credit history.

What is the limit of credit history on a credit report?

Seven to Ten years. Any bad marks on your credit history can and most likely will remain with you for 7 to 10 years before they are wiped off you record. This is why it is so very important to keep a clean credit history, pay all you bills on time, etc. One little late payment will mar your credit history for many years.

How would you use the word negotiate in a sentence?

Can we negotiate on that price? It is a little too high for my preferences.

What is the average online interest rate for auto loans?

There is no one average interest rate for auto loans, as rates vary greatly by lender, the consumer's credit history and the type of vehicle being financed. Online banks may charge as little as 3.5% to qualified buyers with good credit on a new or late model passenger vehicle. Bad credit loans through financing companies can run as high as 24%.

Which are the best credit card companies to apply to?

Capital One is a company that works well for people with poor or little credit. They start you off with a low limit usually 500.00 and a reasonable interest rate. Its always best to go through your bank to get a credit card, Because they usually offer lower interest rates. Capital One is a company that works well for people with poor or little credit. They start you off with a low limit usually 500.00 and a reasonable interest rate. Its always best to go through your bank to get a credit card, Because they usually offer lower interest rates.

If a collection agency is after a small amount of debt and you pay that amount in full how will this payment improve your credit score?

It can improve your credit score a little, but to make the best improvement possible contact them and negotiate to have them remove their listing on your credit reports completely in exchange for your payment in full. This will help your credit FICO score the most.

What are bad credit reports?

Bad credit reports are those that show negative aspects of your credit history. The types of issues that cause bad credit are missed payments, too much credit, too little income, etc.

Does Bank of America offer interest free credit cards?

No bank offers a credit card with NO interest. However, many banks offers no or low interest balance transfer offers, where you take a balance from one card and transfer the amount to new card with no or little interest, but only for a certain time, usually around 6 months.

How does the USAA credit card compare with others in terms of fees?

USAA credit cards generally have little or no fees compared with those of other companies or organizations. Also, interest rates are lower with a USAA credit card.

Why score goes down after paying a charge off?

I know it sounds a little goofy but, your credit score is based on your credit history. Once you pay something off your credit history is completed for that particular account so your score drops a little. Having said that, I certainly don't recommend that you keep a lot of bills open just to keep your credit score high. A credit card where you maintain a small balance with most of the credit line available and paying your utilility, phone and rent or house payment on time or a little early will keep your credit score pretty healthy.

Can you get a home loan with only one line of credit?

A home loan is dependent on many things. Down payment, credit score, etc. So yes but if you have little credit history it will be more difficult.

What is the importance of credit history?

Your credit rating is established partially on your credit history. Your credit history is based on the information that your creditors have reported to credit bureaus, including credit cards, loans, and even some utility bills. If you have little to no history, there's nothing to go off of to establish your rating, so your credit will be established at a lower rate. There are no prior indicators whether or not you're a delinquent or on-time payer. So, if you want to build your credit, get a credit card, charge a few things, and pay off the majority of the balance. Financial experts recommend keeping your account balances less than 50% of your available credit. It shows that you have the ability to pay back your debt.

The advantages of a credit unions over banking?

The interest rates are usually cheaper and it's a little easier to obtain credit if you are a member. Credit Unions are usually ran by local companies vs. most banks being corperate owned.

What is the interest rate on a Walmart Discover card?

"The interest rate on a Wal Mart Discover card is 4.7 percent. Which is not a bad rate, it is a little bit high but at the same time it is the lowest in the credit world."

How do you develop positive credit history?

Use credit and pay on time. Source it from those that report otherwise it will do you no good. Use as little of your available credit as possible. Sign up (free) on credit sesame and they will give you more tips and your fico for free.

Effect of credit reference bureaus on bankruptcy laws?

Very little. Credit bureaus, really only being research libraries of information, much of which is available other places but gathered in one spot for members, really have little or no involvement with bankruptcy Actually, other than producing a proprietary service they sell called a credit score, they have very little interest in credit matters. They don't really extend any.

What are credit purchases?

credit purchases are goods that you buy on credit and and pay little by little to pay to the person you owen.

Can a credit card co do force you to pay unsecure debt?

Yes, but, the laws vary from state to state. In order to find out what they legally can do to collect on a debt, you need to check the banking laws of the state where the credit card co's bank is located, NOT the banking laws of the state where you reside! For example, Utah has very lax banking laws for banks. There is not a minimum percentage of interest that the card co can charge, people with slow pays, or delinquent accounts will be charged interest at 47%. The credit card banks can also put a lien on you bank accounts, garnish your wages, etc. If you are struggling to pay your bill, you can always contact a non-profit consumer counseling service to see if they can negotiate repayment of the debt under terms other than the current terms. What this means is that they can put together a proposal so that you have little or no interest on your account, or, they can negotiate repayment of the debt at a lower amount then what is currently owing on the account.

What are the advantages of a credit card free balance transfer?

There are many advantages to a credit card free balance transfer. With this option, one has the ability to save tons of interest with no fees or sometimes very little fees.

If you have little or no credit history can you get a vehicle?

Perhaps only if someone will cosign on the loan. The way to build up your credit history is to always pay your utility bills and rent on time. One little black mark will affect your history for up to 7 years. With the economy in trouble as it is, it now becomes harder than ever for first time buyers to get credit, and even if they do, it is usually at an obnoxious high rate. Credit history also looks at your assets as well as your liabilities - if there is an extreme off balance, meaning you owe more than you could ever pay off in your lifetime, then your credit rating will remain very low and you could be considered being a extreme risk for any loans or credit.

How can you get a credit card with little or no credit?

There are a few ways you can get a credit card with little or no credit. Check the websites I've added. They should be able to explain in detail.

What did Mother Teresa do to help the world to be a part of the Black History Month?

Black History Month is observed only in the United States and Mother Teresa would have had little interest in that observance.

Would it be worth getting a Lowes credit card if you only spend 40 50 a month there?

I think it would be worth it if you are looking to build your credit and establish a good credit history. You can spend a little and pay it off and it will in the end benefit you.