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I think this is known as a blighted ovum.The sperm and ovum meet but not properly. You get a hormone surge, sign and symptoms of pregnancy but negative preg test. Its a real cheat.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-14 17:07:54
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Q: Can you not be pregnant but have a hard stomach and look pregnant and have not had a period in almost 5 months and have negative pregnancy test?
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The bottom of your stomach hurts you have stomach cramps and you feel nausea in the evening and you feel tired almost everyday what could be wrong?

You could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, go and see the doctor

What are the symptoms visible when one is 38 weeks pregnant?

For almost any pregnant woman the most visible symptom on the 38th week of pregnancy is the grown stomach. By the 38th week of pregnancy most women have quite a big stomach which also can be seen on the way the walk.

Does a pregnancy test read negative when you have a ectopic pregnancy?

No. It will still show as pregnant. Of course everyone is different, but I took two and almost immediately it said I was pregnant. A week later I found out it was ectopic.

2 negative pregnancy tests having a few pregnancy symptoms along with abdominal movements I am on Mirena and I haven't had a period in almost 2 yrs can I be pregnant?

your not suppose to get your period when your on that

Could you be pregnant if you haven't had a period for almost two months and have been having pregnancy symptoms but an hpt was negative?

There are times when women have had their period all through their pregnancy but since your HPT test is still negative your are probably not pregnant. If you are still concerned talk to your doctor they will help explain everything to you.

Could you be pregnant if you had your tubes tied over thirteen years ago with tender nipples and period almost a month late with two negative home pregnancy test showing negative?

Could you be pregnant if your tubes were tied almost 6 years and now are having pregnancy symptoms such as bloating late period and upset stomach?

You can't get pregnant if you had your tubes tied. It's not medically possible.

I am three months late i have all pregnancy symptoms an One faint positive ept test but many negative generic pregnancy tests that claim to be 98.9 effective i am getting could i still be pregnant?

It is more likely for you ro get a false negative than a false positive. In other words, if you get a negative on a test, you could still be pregnant, if you get a positive test, you are almost 100% pregnant. Positive pregnancies are rarely wrong.

What are the chances you are pregnant if you are six days late for your period you feel bloated and have sore nipples but home pregnancy tests come out negative?

Either you are pregnant & you got a false neg. or you can be having ovulation pains they are almost exactly the same as pregnancy symptoms.

Is feeling weirdness in your stomach after intercourse a sign of pregnancy or are you just not feeling well?

My stomach did feel different the week after intercourse. It felt like a lot of pressure in my stomach making me have to urinate more frequently. I am almost 2 months pregnant now!!

Can i blood pregnancy text be negative if you took it before you expect you period?

Pregnancy tests are almost always accurate with home tests it is more common to get a false negative then a positive if it says you are pregnant then you are.... With a blood test you will most likely always get the correct reading because your blood changes it increases and it develops a hormone that is only there when pregnant.

Can you be pregnant when your period is almost two weeks late but two home pregnancy tests were negative?

im not sure but im also in the same situation as you! what happened to you in the end?

What if you have negative results but still have pregnancy symptoms?

I'm the one who posted this question me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex last month it's been almost right at a month and I took home pregnancy tests and they were negative. I have all the symptom's though the fatigue, breast tenderness, I had spotting I know it was that because it was brown. So could I be pregnant even with negative results from home pregnancy tests?

In which week of pregnancy does frequent urination occurs?

This can happen almost immediately in pregnancy. Often times its a "sign" that you are pregnant.

If you feel your stomach hard and your having pregnancy symptoms does this mean your pregnant?

I have had my stomach be hard and i thought i was pregnant also. It turns out i wasn't and my period started. I even took a test and everything. I dont know what it is but since the pregnancy symptoms and aunt flow coming are almost exactly alike its kinda hard to tell. If you dont start then maybe yeah and if you want just take a test to ease your mind.

Can you still be pregnant after 5 negative pregnancy tests?

Home pregnancy tests these days are pretty reliable. If they say you're not pregnant (and you've waited the specified amount of time after your first missed period), you're almost certainly not pregnant. If you took the test the next morning because you're too stupid to read the instructions, and then because you're even stupider took four more in the space of an hour just to confirm that you're an idiot, then yes, you could have five negative pregnancy tests and still be pregnant. However, assuming that you've followed the directions, one negative test is pretty good evidence that you are NOT pregnant, and two negative tests several days apart makes it a near certainty.

If You have been getting sick to your stomach almost every night for the last two weeks Could you be pregnant even if the hpt said negative and you are not supposed to start for a couple more days?

You could be.

Is butterflies or fluttering in the stomach an early symptom of pregnancy?

Before I found out I was pregnant I had a really weird sensation in my stomach... the only way I could describe it was 'butterflies', however it was almost like a combination between a feeling of being really happy and really nervous all at once. It would come and go and it just felt different. I knew if I were pregnant it would be waaaay to early to feel anything but this odd sensation made me suspect pregnancy. Sure enough, I am now 10 weeks so yes, definately, 'butterflies' in the stomach can be an early symptom of pregnancy!

You are 22 weeks pregnant and you have a pain on the lower left side of your stomach Is this normal Is the baby leaning on an organ Please answer?

At 22 weeks this pain could be almost anything. It may be unrelated to pregnancy. You really need to consult your doctor.

You have overly sore breasts almost 9 days late and you are cramping can you be pregnant?

9 days. Yes the tender breasts is a sign of pregnancy. However, if you are late for any reason stress or otherwise, your breats will be tender because they are full of fluid. Do a pregnancy test, and if its negative, go to ur GP as it could be wrong. Hello there - Yes you can be pregnant. If you do a pregnancy test now it should be accurate. Do a test hun. :o)

What should you do if you have taken a pregnancy test and had it came up negative but you show almost all symptoms of being pregnant anyway?

wait a couple weeks longer or get a pregnancy blood test from a doctor. sometimes when your nervous about knowing weather or not you are you freak yourself out and give yourself certain symptoms.

Could you be pregnant if you're almost 2 months late and have nausea and sore breasts and headaches and backaches but a pregnancy test was negative?

store bought Pregnancy test aren't always accurate go to a doctor and get the real deal and find out because the longer you wait if you are pregnant the higher the risk that something may happen because your not being seen by some doctor

How do you get false pregnancy?

If you got a positive pregnancy test you are almost definitely pregnant. There are a few rare meds taht will cause it but its very rare.

Is it possible to have a period and false negative pregnancy test at the same time and still be pregnant?

VERY VERY VERY rare. If you have a period on top of a negative test I would almost 100% say that you are most certainly not pregnant and just having your natural flow. On the other hand, if you are feeling sick and not right after your period, then get tested by your gyno and see whats up.

How can you tell if your royal python is pregnant?

Feel her stomach if it is almost like she has just eaten (large lumps in stomach area) and she denies food