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Of course. Wear a condom.

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Q: Can you not get crabs but still have sexual contact?
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Are crabs sexual or asexual?


Can you get HIV from sexual contact?

Yes you can get HIV from sexual contact.

Are crabs asexual or sexual?

yes they are whatever you want them to be.

How do female get crabs?

Males and females get crabs by being in close contact with someone who has crabs, sharing clothes with someone who has crabs, sleeping in their bed, etc.

Which disease is spread by sexual contact?

STIS spreads through sexual contact.

Where do genital crabs live when their not living on your genitals?

Pubic lice live in pubic hair. They are generally passed from one person to the next, usually through sexual contact. If they are not living on your genitals, they are likely on someone else's... the person that gave them to, or if you had sexual contact while you had them, the person you were with also has them. You have to be treated for them to end the cycle.

How does a Japanese spider crab reproduce asexual or sexual reproduction?

Spider crabs reproduce sexually, the same as normal crabs

Is HIV spread through only sexual contact?

yes is can be spread through sexual contact

Are fiddler crabs endangered?

No, they aren't. There are still about 97 species of fiddler crabs.

Do crabs swing off the pubic hair also do crabs have pincers?

Crabs are generally transferred much like fleas from contact or close proximity, these crabs don't look like the crabs from the ocean they do not have pincers in that sense.

Does bree have crabs?

Yes. To the extent that if you come in direct contact with her, you and your next 3 generations in your family will obtain crabs.

What kind of crabs are the ones in Pirates of the Caribbean?

the sexual transmitted disease kind

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