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Can you notarize for a brother?


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You can WITNESS your brothers documents but you cannot Notarize them unless you are a state certified Notary Public.

Even then most (all?) states prohibit a Notary from witnessing a family members documents.

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It is poor practice to notarize the documents of family members. In some States it is expressly forbidden. A notary should never notarize a document under which she/he would benefit. That would make the document vulnerable to challenge. You should check the laws in your state.

Only a Notary can notarize a document. Many bank employees are and will notarize for free.

Only a notary public can notarize anything.

Do Krogers notarize letters

A notary public does not notarize a document. He/she can notarize a signature.

The word notarize is a verb.

Notaries don't notarize documents. They notarize signatures. So long as the signature occurs in the presence of the notary in the state by which the notary is licensed, they may notarize the signature.

yes. they can notarize anything but their own personal documentation. they can notarize company documentations.

Only if your brother in law is a legal notary. The notary must be legal to make the documents legal. The notary needs to be licensed.It is poor practice to notarize your own documents or the documents of family members. In some States it is expressly forbidden.Check with your Secretary of State in the State in which you live in to verify.

you just notarize the sellers signature!

no a notary can't notarize their own signature

Notaries do not notarize documents. They notarize signatures. The cost depends on the particular notary.

Yes they can, they can' notarize their own personally.

No. Notaries can only notarize in the state in which they reside.

"Sign, date and notarize them and file for safekeeping."

can a spouse notarize a document for a spouse in business

can a lawyer notarize a document in NJ

Only an active notary is qualified to notarize signatures. However, assuming that you are a notary, you cannot notarize documents in which you have an interest.

No. A notary cannot notarize his or her own signature.

If they are a notary in Florida. Notaries can only notarize in the state where they were authorized.

No. There is no state where you can notarize your own documents.

A notary is permitted to notarize signatures in the jurisdiction for which they are licensed. A person must be a NY notary to notarize signatures in NY.

The authority to notarize is granted by the state. If the documents are signed in West Virginia, the notary can notarize them.

Being able to notarize a document has no relationship to whether or not someone is married. If you are properly authorized to notarize documents, and you follow proper procedure for confirming the signatures on the documents in question, then you can notarize the will, if not, you cannot.

No. It it is not. The law states that a notary may not notarize for friends or relatives.

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