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Can you only get the Depa-Provera shot if you have had a baby?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-24 16:54:06

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Nope. I've never had sex, and I got the shot this morning.

2006-08-24 16:54:06
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I was only on the shot for three months. how fast can you get pregnant?

I started to take the shot on augest 26th 2009. and i was suppose to go back around the same time in novermber. but my husband and decided to try to have a baby. so i stop the shot. what are the chances for us to have a baby, since i was only on it for three months?

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If you have only had one shot of depo can you get pregnant and if you do get pregnant will that shot effect the baby in any way?

I had been on the shot years ago and I never got pregnant (luckily) but I was on the pill and kept missing them so I was afraid I might get pregnant so I asked my doctor what method I should use, they recommended the depo shot again, I was hesitant because I had problems gaining weight with it before but I did not want another baby. I went ahead and got the shot, my period was all screwed up but right when I was due to get my second shot I found out I was pregnant. I am 6 months now and so far the doctor is saying the baby is fine. I have had all the screenings done for mental retardation, downs syndrome and other birth defects and they have all come back negative thank God!!! but I guess we will see when the baby gets here in April.

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Can you get pregnant on the depot shot if you've only taken the shot once?