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Apple computers come with an operating system called Mac OS X and only software written for Mac OS X will work with them.

However modern Apple computers use Intel processors which means that they can also run the Windows operating system. If you have Windows installed on your Apple computer then you can run Windows software.

AnswerThere are a few ways to run Windows programs on your Mac:

1. You can install Windows as a separate operating system on your Mac using BootCamp (see

2. You can run Windows inside of Mac OS X using an emulator such as Parallels Desktop(, VMWare Fusion(, or VirtualBox( VirtualBox is free to download and use, and the others offer free demos for download.

3. (Advanced) You can run Windows programs through using Wine, which can be installed for free on Mac OS X, but takes some time and computer savvy (see and

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Q: Can you only run Apple programs on Apple computers or can your run Windows programs as well?
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Is the apple nano for Apple computers only?

No they for work all computers that have windows XP or higher.

Do you have to manually install windows on new computers?

Almost all computers, with maybe a few exceptions, have Windows 7 pre-installed on them. That is, only if it is a Windows computer, as Apple computers don't have Windows OS.

Is windows 98 compatible with 1bm compatible or apple computers?

IBM compatibles only. Apple has a completely different OS. Apples latest Intel computers can run Windows via Boot Camp but only as far back as XP and only on their older computers. Windows 7 and above are only supported on the newest ones now.

Is internet explorer for mac the same as windows?

"No. Apple mac computers use Safari, and Firefox. Firefox is the same for Windows and Mac. I think that Internet Explorer was created for computers that use Windows only."

What kinds of computers is Windows compatible with?

In order to run a Windows OS you need to have an Intel processor. Mac OS X will only run on an apple computer. Some apple computers are using an Intel processor so you can run a Windows OS or Mac OS.

Is HyperGASP compatible with my Windows platform computer?

Apparently it's only designed for use by Apple computers.

Can you get iMovie on a Windows Computer?

No you cant. it sucks i know. Imovie is specially designed for use with only apple computers

Does Microsoft or Apple offer better software programs?

I think that Microsoft has better software programs especially the office software that is available only for windows.

Can you only run Apple programs on an Apple computer or can you put it on a Windows?

Most Apple software is designed to work on their Mac OS X operating system and will not work on a computer running the Windows operating system. Apple does make some of their software available for Windows such as iTunes and their Safari browser.

Is Photoshop only for apple Macs?

Adobe produces versions of Photoshop for computers using Mac OS X or Windows.

Can you get on zwinky using apple computers?

no you cant. Inless its a new apple computer that runs windows too. zwinky works for internet explorer only..and sometimes firefox.

What is the disadvantange of using an Apple computer instead of a PC?

You cannot run Windows only programs unless you install Windows on your Apple computer and dual boot. Other than that there are no other disadvantages and many advantages.

Do you need windows to use your computer?

No. Windows is not the only OS(Operating System) out there. For example Apple computers have their own OS, and there's also Linux. You do need an OS though.

Can apple computer use the windows operating system?

Yes,Apple has a set of Windows drivers and software called Boot Camp to make Windows "see" the Apple hardware.As of 10.7 Lion you can only use W7 and above. Apple no longer supports, nor has drivers, for XP or Vista on Apple computers that came installed with Lion. Basically from late 2011 on.

Why are apple laptops so expensive?

Because unlike Windows, Apple and Apple alone builds the Apple computer. Windows does not build computers they only create software. Therefore there are many Windows computers that are cheap. They all may use the Windows OS but the cheap computers contain cheap parts. Apple does not build cheap bargain computers. When you compare a well built Windows Laptop to a comparable Apple Laptop there is very little difference in price. Remember you get exactly what you pay for.

For what types of applications would an Apple computer be better than a PC?

Nearly all programs are availble for Macs and PCs, so the only major programs that are better for Apple computers are the ones actually made by Apple, such as its video editing (iMovie) and music editing (Garageband)

Which is windows or Mac?

Windows is an operation system (OS) that operates on a variety of computers, including macs. You can tell if a computer is running windows by if it has the Start menu at the bottom and what version by going to the control panel and opening System. A mac runs an OS called Mac OS X and can only be found on Apple branded computers like MacBooks and iMacs. Apple computers can also run windows. The only way to run a mac on a non-apple computer is making a Hackint0sh. This is a modified version of Mac OS X and is very unstable, many people recommend not doing it.

Do all computers have word pad?

No, Windows computers/Laptops do... But only WINDOWSI think, I am pretty sure

Does pro tools only work for apple computers?

Avid's audio Pro Tools are available for both Mac OS X and Windows systems.

Can apple Mac get virus?

Yes, a mac can if its running windows, but only the windows operating system will get it not the apple software itself>

Can Windows 98 computers can have a computer account in a Windows Server 2008 domain?

Only computers running Windows NT or later can have a computer account in a Windows Server 2008 domain; Windows 9x computers cannot. Since Windows 98 came out after Windows NT, the answer is yes. -Brandon

Is Windows 7 for laptops only?

No, it is for computers too

How can you download apple operating system on a windows machine?

Apple's Mac OS X is not available as a download and is only available for installation on Apple's Macintosh range of computers.

Is a proprietary Windows protocol suite used only by Windows computers?


Can apple software work for other computers?

Most of Apple's software will only work on their Mac range of computers running Mac OS X. They do produce a few items that will work with the Windows operating system such as their Safari browser and iTunes. There are also versions of QuickTime, AirPort utility, MobileMe available for computers running Windows.