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Can you open a 1994 Cutlass with power door locks with a slim Jim?

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That's easy. Of course you can. But the trick is not a slim jim. It is a coat hanger. I locked my keys in my car once outside of my work place. So I took a coat hanger, brought it down towards the sliding lock mechanism itself, and then poked up and down until I figured out where the mechanism was. Then simply slide it to the left, try not push too much of the hanger in otherwise you won't have the necessary leverage and the hanger will bend.

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1994 Honda civic del sol door replaced with power windows and locks?

and your question is what??

Where is the relay switch on a 1993 Cutlass Ciera S Oldsmobile four door?

The Relay for what - door locks or something else?

Why do power door locks quit working on a 1979 Corvette?

If the power door locks quit working on a 1979 Corvette, it is due to broken pigtail switches. With age and use, the pigtails break and leaves the power door locks inoperable.

Is power lock and key less entry same?

Not necessarily. Keyless entry will have power door locks, but not all power door locks are coupled to a keyless entry system.

Power door locks don't work on your 1997 Honda CR-V?

power door locks don't work on my 1997 Honda crv

Power door locks 1990 Lincoln mark vii?

what about them? yeah for real, my door locks work pretty well.

Why does the driver door will not unlock the power locks?

The driver door does not unlock the power locks for a few reasons. This motor could be burned out or the wires could not be attached correctly.

You have 97 olds cutlass supreme with power locks The locks hook that is supposed grab lock bar is in a upright so when the door is shut hook can not grab lock bar How to bring hook to horizontal posi?

lift up on the outer door handle then with your free hand place latch in lowered position

How do you unlock 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme door without keys?

get a slim jim.

Is there a fuel pump access door on a 1994 cutlass supreme?

no tank must come out

How do you disable the automatic door locks on a 99 Accord?

Remove the power locks and windows fuse you will loose power for your windows also

Is there anyway to stop the door locks from locking when you shift out of park on my 94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Yes, Pull the fuse out of the fusebox

Where is the fuse located that runs door locks on 1994 olds ninety eight?

Right Side Fuse Panel, Position 1- Door Locks, Trunk Pull Down

Were is transponder for door locks locate on 1994 Pontiac grandprix?

no transponder on '94 model

How do you disable auto door locks on 2003 Ford Taurus sedan?

how to disable power door locks on 2003 ford taurus,i don`t have the manual

How do you engage power locks on 1990 Volvo 240?

The power locks can only be engaged from the driver's door. You press down on the door lock on the driver's door and it will lock all the doors. Or you turn the key in the lock to the right in the door lock of the driver's door and it will lock all of the doors.

How do door locks work?

How do door locks work?

How do you disableenable the power door locks on a 95 Villager?

Pull the fuse

Do 2003 Kia Spectra's have power door locks?

mine doesn't have

Where is the fuse panel for power window on a 1994 olds cutlass supreme?

The fuse panel is underneath the glove box. Open the glove box door and lift out the inside tray.

On 1998 dodge ram 1500 laramie slt do power door locks mean that remote keyless entry is an option?

It can have power locks with out keyless.

07 Pontiac G6 power door locks wont work?

"Replacing a power door lock on a 4door pont G6

Power door locks stop working dodge caravan?

The power door locks on a Dodge Caravan can stop working if the fuse is bad. Check the power door lock relay fuse that is located in the engine compartment on most Dodge Caravans. It should be next to the battery.

How do you open hood on 1994 Cutlass Supreme?

There should be a lever between the door and the drivers seat, on the floor

How do you remove the driver side door panel on a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass I removed the screws around the power conrtol. The driver side window came off track?

Should have push pin type locks all around the bottom of panel pry these out and then lift up to release the area around the window