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Can you open another bank account if one has been frozen?

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It depends on the other bank. If your account was frozen and you were reported to chexsystems, telecheck, or ews there is a good chance that if the new bank that you are applying at may deny you if tehy use these same outside sources to verify. You would be best to find a non-chexsystems, telecheck, or ews bank if you were reported to one of them

2008-07-05 10:14:34
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Can you cash a paycheck if your bank account has been frozen?


Can a bank account be closed after the account has been frozen with a court order?

ahah, good luck you poor soul!

If a bank account of mine has been frozen for debt collection can you open a new account in a different state without it being frozen?

Typically any bank account you open will have your social security number on it, which is how your debts are listed, which is how any new account you open will be frozen also. It doesn't matter where you are (at least in the US), it will happen, especially if it is a debt to the IRS. You may want to talk to an attorney if you need to open an account.

How do you activate a frozen bank account?

Bank Accounts are frozen by bank authorities or law enforcement agencies when they sense some illegal or suspicious activity in the account. In such a case, you will be able to find out the details from the bank. You need to provide proof that nothing illegal happened in your account and once you provide satisfactory information your account will be re-activated. Bank accounts are also frozen by a court order subsequent to a judgment in favor of a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit. You must satisfy the judgment in order to obtain a release of your account and the plaintiff must make a return to the court stating that the judgment has been satisfied. The satisfaction of judgment must then be served to the bank.

What can you do if your bank account has already been frozen and you need the money in the account to pay back some of your debt?

AnswerTry to vacate the judgment through the court that entered the judgment. This may temporarily release your bank account funds if you were not properly served.

Can the lady friend of your just deceased uncle freeze his bank account?

If she is a joint account holder the account would now belong to her. If there is no joint account holder then the account would be legally frozen until an Administrator is appointed for your uncle's estate. Until then no one has any authority to access his bank account. You should make certain the bank has been notified of his death.

Who can 'freeze' a bank account in Georgia?

A bank account is "frozen" by the court upon request of the plaintiff or judgment creditor for a specific period of time. This action is sometimes used on joint accounts to give the account holders time to claim any exempt funds (SS benefits, monies belonging to a non judgment account holder, etc.) in the account before a bank account levy is granted. A bank account can only be "frozen" by court order or by the banking institution itself when there is proof that the account has been tampered with (identity theft, etc.) or other issues.

Your husband is getting a garnishment on a credit card you just found out that your bank account has been frozen not from his garnishment but from a credit card that I have owed on. Is this legal?

I thought this was illegal. How is the credit card company that is garnishing his wages supposed to collect their money when our account is frozen?

If your bank account has been frozen because your ex-husband filed for bankruptcy how can you get your funds out?

A bank account can usually only be held for thirty days from the time it is secured. The joint account holder should contact the bankruptcy trustee to learn what is necessary to have their percentage of the funds returned.

Will I be notified of a bank levy placed on my account?

That depends upon the laws of the state where you reside or where the bank account is. Normally, when a levy is placed on a bank account, the account is frozen and the account owner is given a certain amount of time to go to court to prove that the levy should not have been placed on the account. The money in the account will not be turned over to anyone until the court orders it. If the account owner fails to make an objection in court within the stated time period, the bank is allowed to assume that the owner has no objection and turn the account funds over to the creditor.

If you live in Washington state and your checking account has been garnished can you have an online bank account based in another state that would be free from the threat of garnishment?


Why is your bank not letting a payment through for one of your bills?

Payments can fail for several different reasons: the account has insufficient funds, the check is not signed, the check is stale dated, a stop payment has been ordered or, the account has been frozen as a result of a lawsuit of some kind. Your bank will tell you what is going on if you ask them.

How do you write a letter for bank account revival?

In certain countries, if you have not used a bank account for some time and the bank has not been able to contact you, the accounts are closed/frozen and the funds are transferred to the government. If this has happened to an account that you own or may have inherited, then the bank (any bank actually) will be able to tell you how to go about getting the money back. There will be a procedure in your country for this. You will have to prove you own the account (old statements/bankbooks etc) and provide proof of identity and residency as part of the process.

Does chase bank have a twitter account?

The account for Chase Bank has been suspended, so, currently, no, they do not have one.

How do you unban your account on gaiaonline?

You make a new account ^^ sorry there is no way to unban a gaia account after it has been frozen.

Can you reopen a bank account that's been closed?

No. Once a bank account is closed, the account number remains unused by the bank for seven or more years (it varies by individual bank). You may reopen a new account with the same bank, provided the first account was not closed by the bank for improprieties perpetrated by you.

If you owe a bank money can they seize your check being deposited into another account not in your name?

No. They cannot unless a judgment has been rendered by the court and the new account has been seized by court order.

If you are delinquent in repaying your credit card debt can your bank account be 'frozen' if the account is with a different bank than the one in which you hold an account?

Even though I do believe your privacy policy has been invaded, I do believe the bank can freeze your account. Answer Yes, if the creditor obtains a judgment by means of a civil suit against the debtor the judgment can be executed as a bank account levy, this means the judgment creditor can remove all non exempt funds from the account until the judgment is paid. Where the account is joint and only one of the account holders is being sued and/or the creditor plaintiff believes the defendant debtor may try to withdraw all the funds the plaintiff can request the court to 'freeze' the account until the suit is settled.

Your joint account with your wife had been frozen due to a debt she owed Can your personal account be frozen too as a result of that?

If a joint account with a wife had been frozen because of a debt she owed, a husband's personal account can also be frozen, but it depends on when the debt was acquired and who the money is owed to. A legal professional will be able to advise a person about the laws of their state as it may differ about community property laws.

In Indiana can a disibility income bank account be frozen by creditors?

yes and no, bank accounts can be frozen subject to a levy or garnishment order, however you have the right to go before the judge within 30 days of the hold being placed on the account to explain your financial problems. If you have not been provided with that notice you should contact the clerk of courts, or a non-profit legal assistance program.

My current bank account was closed and someone has been depositing money to it can the bank use this money for an outstanding loan?

my bank closed my account can i reopen the same account again

Can i claim money from a bank account that has not been used for forty years?

can i claim money from a bank account that i have just found that has not been used in forty years ?

When were woman allowed to have a bank account in the US?

To the best of my knowledge women have never not been allowed to have a bank account in the US.

How do you unlock a bank account that has been locked because of previous transactions?

You go to the bank in person and ask. The account could have been locked for a very good reason.

Can you cash a check from the bank that the person who issued the check it to you without opening an account?

I am receiving a check from a lawyer and it has been in his account for ten days can I cash it at the bank he has the account at